As long as cells are fed and clean, they function with ease. Whether a skin cell, brain cell, heart cell, muscle cell….., cells simply need to receive what they require to do their job, not an environment riddled with waste. The bottom line is that cells need a full supply of oxygen and blood flow to feel and look good.

As we advance in years, gravity accumulates in our tissue. Basically, gravity equals tissue compression. We literally become shorter and wider as we age as a result of collapsing into our internal space. Tissue compression gets in the way of optimal blood flowing to cells and cells not receiving enough food to function fatigue. An area sluggish in its flow also becomes dirty as toxins and by-products of functioning can’t easily be removed.

If we are looking at a face, we know that an accumulation of time will age the skin, but does it have to?

We need to understand that it is because of unconscious posture and breathing that we collapse into our inner space causing blockage. This is true of the skin on the face as well. If you start to notice posture, people simply aren’t supporting the weight of the head properly. Most have a head that has fallen forward significantly and that has tilted to one side. The body wants to be correct in it’s alignment and it is the connective tissue, or fascia, that grips onto bony surfaces to create stability where there is not.

As the rib cage falls into the core from unconscious breathing, this creates a momentum of the head falling forward. Fascia will grip onto the skull and the bones in the face accumulating density over time. These grips limit blood and oxygen flow to cells creating lifeless, saggy looking skin. As waste can’t be removed efficiently, discoloration and breakouts occur. Our appearance, over time, will change as cells starve and accumulate dirt and debris.

Fluid Isometrics™ changes this because it is very efficient at removing the grips that are blocking blood and oxygen to cells. Tissue has literally become hard and frozen where there is limited flow. Fluid Isometrics™ Block Therapy™ teaches you how to melt through tissue by combining pressure with focused attention in areas with the Block Buddy™, which creates heat. This combination of proper diaphragmatic breathing and the Block Buddy™ is extremely efficient at releasing the grips of frozen fascia from bone, improving blood and oxygen flow to feed and clean tissue and awakening cells to their function and integrity.

This is true of cells everywhere in the body. Age in any tissue results from gravity causing compression. This is where pain comes in. Pain in tissue is a language for tissue compression. Wherever there is pain, there is blockage. Teaching people to become pain seekers with Fluid Isometrics™ Block Therapy™ is an incredibly efficient way to find the blocks in the tissue causing aging and to reverse aging by melting through those blocks.

“Youth is for the wise.”

Some of the key benefits of rejuvenation that many have experienced with Fluid Isometrics™ Block Therapy™ include:
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I had a lot of trouble with my left knee. For 20 years I couldn’t go up and down stairs, after 3 months on the Block I can go up, down, sideways, whatever.

Diane McDougall

I use it when I am not really well and having a migraine. About a month ago I had a severe migraine, I used the Block and it really helped me. I just felt so much better.

Nicole Fontaine

If you work at a desk all day, if you have problems with frozen shoulder, or stiff neck from being at a computer all day – this is the work that you need to be doing. I highly recommend it to anybody.

Tina Lussier