An Interview with Deanna Hansen: Heal Yourself with Fluid Isometrics

Deanna Hansen Fluid Isometrics Block TherapyMy real passion with Fluid Isometrics has always been to teach people how to take care of their own body. Patient work can be exciting but it is more like giving people a fish, rather than teaching them to fish. Now, I can finally reach people with my simple, efficient 90 day on-line program.

As the newest faculty member of the Body Mind Institute and after a year of preparation, my course, consisting of my two books, The Power of Conscious Breathing and 90 Days to a Whole New You, as well as 90 videos, is now officially launched! I am so excited to be sharing tools and techniques that will truly transform all aspects of your life.

I recently did a radio interview explaining the program, click on the play button below to listen in.

Being healthy is really quite simple when we get back to the basics. As a population, we have forgotten how to use our bodies efficiently and treat ourselves respectfully. But who can blame us. With advertising targeting us in such a negative way, breeding fear of aging, it’s no wonder we have lost our way. This program gives you the tools and guidance to remember how to be healthy and at peace.

I look forward to creating a community for people to share their successes and concerns, and together to bring joy and healing to peoples’ lives. Join our email newsletter to learn more about my program in our Membership Area.

Breathe & Believe,
Deanna Hansen

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