The Difference between Block Therapy & Yoga

The difference between block therapy and yoga

What’s the difference between
Block Therapy & Yoga?

I started developing Fluid Isometrics at around the same time as I started the practice of Yoga, about 13 years ago. In class I would feel what was restricting me from going deeper into a posture, and then I would go home and do my self–treatments where I would work to “melt” the tissue that had glued to the bone. Inevitably the following week I would move deeper into the posture.

What I started noticing after a short period of time was that the others in the class often weren’t moving deeper, at least not at the pace that I was, and I realized that this self-work was dramatically changing the flexibility and fluidity in my tissue. I used my hands to accomplish this feat, which led to the therapeutic practice of Fluid Isometrics, and over time evolved to using the Block Buddy to create a very user-friendly approach to melting the fascia off the bone.

A patient once asked me “How many Yoga classes would I have to do to equal one of your Fluid Isometrics treatments.” This was a very thought provoking question as I hadn’t thought of it in those terms before. The answer is there is no amount of Yoga classes that will accomplish what the treatments do because we are approaching the tissue from a different perspective.

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Benefits of Block Therapy

  • Weight Loss
  • Improved Lymphatic Drainage
  • Reduction in Anxiety
  • Overall Increase in energy
  • Increased Range of Motion & Strength
  • Marked Improvement in Posture
  • Healthier Skin
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