How to Lose Weight & Inches with Block Therapy

Lose weight with Fluid Isometrics Block Therapy

The most common question is
‘How to lose weight and inches’

For all of the benefits that Block Therapy provides, the most common sought after result is to lose weight and to lose inches.

I would like to provide a different understanding as what causes us to store weight in certain areas, and explain why Block Therapy is a long-term solution to lose inches.

First of all I would like to explain the way I understand the connective tissue in the body, called fascia.

We are like a building and the fascia would be like the floors and walls. As I sit here writing this in my high-rise apartment on this cold, stormy December day, I am grateful that I have windows I can rely on to keep out the undesirable elements so I can be comfortable and safe. But imagine if something broke my window, suddenly everything in my space would be under stress. Or imagine if I lived in a place where there were earthquakes that would shake the ground of its solid foundation, causing a collapse up the chain, forcing the contents in the building to shift and lose their place.

Now imagine the body, containing 100 trillion cells. Each cell has a function, and a place. The fascia is the membrane of the cell and is connected to each and every other cell, creating one unified beautifully functioning body. Like the building, it needs to have its floors and walls intact to protect the contents within and allow for optimal functioning and it is through proper use of posture and conscious diaphragmatic breathing that we do this.

How does compressed tissue lead to the question
‘How to lose weight and inches’?

The problem for us is that we haven’t been applying conscious awareness to our body and what has resulted is an inner collapse. The floors to the building are no longer level and the walls are no longer solid. The body, attempting to maintain proper balance, creates false walls and false floors through tissue compression and this thick, dense tissue grips onto bony surfaces with a force of up to 2000 pounds per square inch.
The space within has been compromised. As we collapse inward, tissue bulges outward.

Mechanically this will affect our size but what also happens is a slowing down of the systems. When we compromise the inner space for the organs, they don’t have the ability to do their jobs efficiently. We don’t digest food efficiently or eliminate it completely. Adding insult to injury, we have now created an internal environment ripe for disease organisms to take over that space, adding even more mass within and contributing to many health concerns including Fatty Liver Disease.  Yet, we are most concerned with how to lose weight and inches.

I was one of those people who had many excess inches and weight and struggled to change my body. I thought if I stopped eating or burned tons of calories working out that my shape would change. Frustration grew as my size continued to expand. I thank God everyday that fourteen years ago I was given a new understanding on how to lose weight and inches while achieving overall better health.

How I discovered Fluid Isometrics Block Therapy
and how to lose weight and inches

It wasn’t conscious, I was having a terrifying anxiety attack. For some reason I drove my hand into my belly and in that moment, I started on this journey of Fluid Isometrics. In that moment, what I encountered was pain in my belly, but the pain gave me something to focus on, and I began to calm down. Then, as I continued exploring in my belly, I realized it was marbled with scar tissue. Suddenly it all made sense. When I would work out, I would be dripping with sweat yet certain parts of my body still felt cold, most notably, my big, hard belly. How could blood reach the area to metabolize the fat if scar tissue was blocking the roadway?

Learn how to lose weight and inches
by melting it off with Block Therapy

It only took two days of working in this tissue for me to notice my size and shape was changing. Within two weeks my constipation was improving and my chronic low back pain was gone. Suddenly, everything in my body was different. What I realized is that
I was melting through the thick, hard, frozen tissue that resulted from years of unconscious living. I was feeling lighter and freer inside and my body was looking better.
I started working on other areas that were hard and cold, like my saddlebag area and upper arms, and they also began to change their shape and size and I learned how to lose weight and lose inches.

Frozen tissue is really the culprit
for a lot of our health and beauty issues.

Tissue becomes colder because we aren’t breathing diaphragmatically. When butter is at room temperature, it is a solid. Once heated, it becomes liquid. When we breathe properly we are keeping our internal engine running so the core remains heated to its optimal temperature. When we breathe from the muscles in the upper chest, the core becomes inactive and cold. Not only does this result in the fats not breaking down properly and accumulating in areas throughout the body, the rib cage also collapses into the core space because proper breathing is one of the foundations that are required to keep us properly aligned, resulting in a bulging belly and the question, how to lose weight fast.

To lose weight and inches we need to heat the fat

So, regarding how to lose weight and inches, we need to heat the fat so it can mobilize and move through the body. Where our tissue feels cold, we have blocked the flow and tissue is frozen. Block Therapy is very effective at heating tissue and melting frozen fats causing us to lose weight and lose inches.

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