Reverse Aging. Age is Simply Compression.

Reverse Aging

To reverse aging, we simply need to decompress

The aging of tissue is simply the compression of tissue. Therefore to reverse aging, we simply need to decompress.

Understanding the body and what causes us to suffer is half the battle to finding solutions. There are so many creams, pills and remedies offered, (often for a nice price) that are said to reverse the aging process but if we took the time to understand what aging results from, we would likely make better choices when reaching for the solution.

The aging of tissue occurs from gravity pulling down on our body over time. Some people seem to defy gravity where others seem to age with greater speed. I’ve heard that genetics only play a 10% role in the outcome of our life, which means that our choices make up 90% of the reason that we age the way we do.

It’s never too late to begin to reverse aging

There is no question that if you live a healthy life making good food choices, exercising regularly, sleeping well, and managing stress that you will look and feel younger than someone your age who isn’t conscious of healthy living. But what if now, no matter your age and past choices you want to put effort into improving the way you look, feel and function?  There is hope for us all.

We need to put the space back into the tissue that time has taken away. Block therapy does this. Block work itself creates the space, proper diaphragmatic breathing inflates the space and being aware of proper posture maintains the space. This is the solution to countering the accumulative effects of gravity and reverse aging.

Giving yourself the benefit of clean whole food, plenty of water, proper amounts of rest and living a balanced life of moderation will certainly move you faster toward your goal and it is said in yoga teaching that to invert 10 minutes per day is one of the best practices we can do because to invert is to decompress.

The point is, if we want to look, feel and function our best we need to understand the requirements to attain this and put to practice right action. There is no other way, no quick fix. But if you are willing to create the space that you have lost over time, and choose clean, healthy foods that will energize you, you will see changes and understand for yourself what needs to be done to live a beautiful, healthy life.

Breathe & Believe
Deanna Hansen

Deanna Hansen

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