Testimonial by Massage Therapist Renata Alook

Massage Therapist Endorses Block Therapy

“My name is Renata Alook, and I’ve been a registered massage therapist for the last eight years.

I have to say that the Block Therapy is by far the most effective way of doing self-care. I have also done athletics and sports the for the last 20 years and I have never done anything with such complete results.

So to anyone who’s wondering or has any questions, concerns, thoughts or doubts, Block Therapy is the best. Absolutely the best.”

Are you a Massage Therapist who would like to add Block Therapy to your practice?

Fluid Isometrics Block Therapy is expanding across Canada and into the United States in 2014. We are seeking passionate and energetic people who want to help us bring Block Therapy to the world. The first round of Block Therapy Instructor training is about to begin on June 12 and we are excited to announce that the class is full! The next training starts in October. If you are a Massage Therapist, Block Therapy is perfect to add to your practice. Apply for Instructor training.

Join the Block Phenomenon,
become a Fluid Isometrics retailer.

Offer the Block Buddy and the Block Therapy Intro Video Series for sale in your clinic or store and get listed on our website as a Fluid Isometrics retailer. Your clients and customers will thank you! Contact us for retail opportunities.

Massage Therapist endorses Block Therapy. Buy a buddy set.


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