Winnipeg in September with Fluid Isometrics

I have to say I am so happy summer is coming to an end. Even as a kid, I preferred to be in school. I loved the structure and the interaction. The ironic thing is, I always thought I wasn’t a fan of being social. The truth is, for me, when I am around people, I want to be teaching and September is filled with many events.

I will be a speaker at Momondays September 15, at the University of Manitoba Homecoming 2014 September 16 and will participate at the CEO Sleepout  September 18 to raise money and awareness for the homeless, to name a few. Block Therapy Instructor training ramps up in September, and new classes are coming.

The first new class will be Block Therapy – The Chair Class, in October (watch for the announcement on our Facebook page & in our next newsletter). I will also be creating a number of e-books to focus on specific issues. I would love to hear from you if you have a wish list for what you need to see. My intention with Block therapy is to find ways to make this accessible to everyone.

Please keep reaching out, whether a criticism, complaint or compliment. I take everything very seriously and if you have a need that I am not providing, I will do my best to fill that need. I truly believe that our body, if given what it requires, has the ability to heal itself. What I see lacking is the understanding of tissue compression and oxygenation and it is my purpose to give you the tools to release those blocks and create space for life and love.

Breathe & Believe

Deanna Hansen

 September 3-day Intensive

September Block Therapy Intensive

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