30 Day Posture Reset


Start Date: January 20, 2022

Registration Cut Off Date: January 13, 2022


Fascia is the most fascinating system! Literally every aspect of the human experience is carried through this system to all cells in the body. Everything from how you look, feel, function, your size and shape, perception of life and how you deal with stress and trauma is tied up in the entanglement that occurs through unconscious living over time. Block Therapy is here to support your fascia to create the healthiest and most beautiful version of you, inside and out.

Deanna Hansen | Founder

How You Look


There is more to having a healthy size and shape than what you eat and how much you exercise. 

Over time our bodies compress, which causes tissue to balloon outward, this isn’t fat, but rather displaced fascia. This also creates a sluggish flow to the systems causing toxins to accumulate as well as an increase in the size of the cells. Block Therapy decompresses your fascia and detoxifies the body to support a healthy size and shape.


Aging gracefully isn’t about looking 20 when you are 50, it is about keeping your cells in their correct alignment. Cells properly fed and clean are light, buoyant, healthy and energized. 

When the body compresses over time, cells migrate away from their natural resting place causing them to become heavy, wrinkled and accumulate waste and toxins. Block Therapy releases the adhesions to allow your cells to migrate back home, as well as the conscious breath inflates the cells to support health, vitality and a youthful expression.

How You Feel


When you aren’t connected to your conscious diaphragmatic breath the cells are starved of their most vital nutrient; oxygen. If you were to hold your breath, notice how quickly you feel panic and anxiety. If you are feeling stressed or anxious it is because your cells are giving you information that they don’t have what they need to function with ease. 

If you have experienced trauma without the ability to exhale the emotion and fear from the body, it can stay trapped and one can continually relive the trauma. Block Therapy focuses on strengthening the diaphragmatic breath to support both feeding the cells, as well as releasing past emotion.

Pain Management

People get caught in a pain/fear cycle. Pain is simply a language that the cell gives to notify you that it needs attention. If not understood, fear sets in. Pain and fear cause you to reactively hold the breath, causing the cells to suffer greater loss, resulting in more pain and more fear. Block Therapy teaches you to become a pain-seeker, to pull up the deeper sensations, and to release the pain with a guided process and proper action. This takes the fear out of the equation and allows you to see pain for the value it provides.

How You Function


There are trillions of cells that make up your body and each cell has a position it is meant to be in for optimal performance. Understanding how to support cell alignment is one of the 3 main pillars of Block Therapy. When your cells are in correct alignment, they receive optimal blood and oxygen flow. This keeps them fed and functioning with ease as well as clean of toxins and negative emotional build-up.

Pain Management

Pain has been given a bad rap. It isn’t something to fear, but something to understand. Pain is the cells way of communicating that it needs attention – like a crying baby. The key to getting rid of pain is to understand what causes it. There are pain sites and cause sites. Block Therapy addresses both to get to the root of the problem to effectively manage and or eliminate your pain.

After you complete this program you will:

  1. Have a greater understanding of your fascia and how that relates to your posture
  2. Know how to understand and manage your pain by addressing your cause sites and pain sites
  3. Understand how correct alignment is key to properly feed and clean your cells which is the missing link to managing your size and shape

This program consists of:

  • Alternative single and double blocking (both the Block Buddy and Baby are required to fully access all the classes)
  • Alignment training
  • Specifically directed protocol to make the most efficient use of your time
  • 5 Interactive Weekly Zoom calls with Deanna and Quinn to address any questions or concerns starting January 20th at 10:00am CST (these are recorded if you can’t make the live calls)
  • Private Group access to Deanna for those enrolled in the program

3 Prizes to be won!

Block Therapy is so much more than a physical practice. We are hoping to hear from as many of you as possible with the changes you experience in your:

  • Pain management
  • Size management
  • Graceful aging
  • Stress, trauma and anxiety
  • Improvement with pain management
  • Alignment
  • Mood, outlook and energy

The Block Therapy team will review your submissions and choose 5 people who have articulated the changes they have experienced. Each of these individuals will receive a $50 e-gift card to the Block Therapy store and be asked to do a video with our team to share the changes.

3 out of those 5 people will be given 3 months for free in the membership. ($117 value)

Sharing your transformation is not a requirement for participating in this program, however it is an amazing opportunity to share your successes and challenges to help inspire others.

Registration has closed. 


*Note: All participants have not changed their diet or exercise regime.*

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