Welcome to the 90 Day Spring Clean Challenge!

From March 21st - June 21st, everyday Deanna will be giving guidance in the private Facebook group to specific classes to create a full body cleanse. This will be a fun way to work together as a community and share progress. For those of you who are not in the Facebook group, 2 days before each month begins we will post the months daily focus for you to follow.

This is a contest, so for those who share before and after photos will be eligible  to win the 3 prizes. Before photos need to be submitted at the time you join, and the after photos need to be submitted by June 30th. You can submit your before photos in the Block Therapy Membership. This is also where each day will be added for the month to come so you can manage your time.

There will be 3 winners in the group that shows the most progress from the before and after photos:

1st Place

1 free year access to the Block Therapy Bronze Membership.

$600 value.

2nd Place

6 months free access to the Block Therapy Bronze Membership.

$300 value.

3rd Place

3 months free access to the Block Therapy Bronze Membership.

$150 value.

The Block Therapy team will review all photos and decide as a team who made the most progress.

I look forward to starting the spring right and clearing the cells of the winter blues!

"I am in control of my body and how it moves."
That is a completely new thought for me!!!
Loved day 8 wow!!
Thank you Deanna and Quinn!"

~ Nadine C.

"I did the Awaken the Psoas and rooting (today’s series) OH MY! I feel like a new person! The perineum position and the changes there! Years of tumbling and falls on my butt I was like no way ”what”!! At first, I could not breathe and sit on the block, stabilizing muscles were going crazy had to back off and just breath and then WOW the magic happened. Every experience on the block is better than the last. Kerrie H."

~ Nadine C.

"Wanted to say that I am loving this spring challenge! Day 6 and feeling great! Posture feels solid and aligned. I remember standing for long periods of time and lower back would hurt...that is no more! And it is so easy to talk about Block Therapy when you see the positive changes happening in yourself and your children!"

~ Janice W.

Here's How You Get Started

You need to be a Block Therapy Bronze Member to access all content and the challenge. 


You will need our tool - the Block Buddy.

Block Therapy Block Buddy


Use discount code: 10BLOCKOFF to receive 10% off your first Block Buddy order!

Use promo code at checkout.

We look forward to have you join us in this 3 month transformative challenge!

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