Starting October 10, 2022

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Introducing the Block Therapy 90 Day Trauma Relief Program

Release trauma physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


Trauma impacts us all and if not dealt with in the moment, it can cause you to become frozen in the past. This can drastically affect your quality of life as you become unable to move through time in a graceful and fluid way. Whether traumas have been a horrible assault to your being, repeated insults that diminish self-confidence, or anything in between, the way this can manipulate your life can take the joy from every moment.

This program will serve to pull up the trauma in a safe and progressive manner so you can view the events from the past with actionable steps that allow your body/mind to process and heal trauma so you can be focused on the present moment.


Block Therapy is a system that gives you the ability to be present with your pain. Choosing to become a pain seeker means you are in control. Pain has been playing hide and seek in your body so to seek it, pull it up to your conscious awareness and release it with intention allows you to use the pain in a meditative way that leads to healing.

Pain is simply the cell giving you awareness that it needs attention. Like the baby crying, it is speaking to you in a language that creates action. Typically, people avoid or numb the pain – but this allows it to fester and grow. By following the steps in this program, you will make friends with your pain so you can remove the fear that often accompanies this sensation and release it.


When you have a system that you can trust to help you overcome pain and limitation, it brings a feeling of accomplishment and trust in yourself. This is a huge benefit to living a life of joy. We all have gifts that we are here to share and to access creativity takes energy. When your energy is locked away because of pain and trauma, your future looks bleak and dull.

As you move through this program with the support of the Block Therapy community and all the Speakers that share their wisdom and techniques to deal with trauma, you will unleash a stronger and bolder version of yourself. You will feel empowered to handle life’s challenges with excitement and momentum, giving you the energy to bring forward your gifts and share them with the world.

This program will include:

  • 90 day guided Block Therapy sequence to bring you through the entire body
  • Both a beginner and advanced version (the advanced requires both the Block Buddy and Block Baby).
  • Access to all 12 speakers in the Trauma Relief Summit
  • Each week there will be one of our Trauma Relief Summit speakers featured to share their wisdom and techniques as well as many will provide demonstration for you to access their process to release trauma in the moment
  • Alignment Training
  • 13 Interactive Weekly Zoom calls held each Monday at 10:00am CDT with Deanna and Quinn to address any questions, experiences or concerns. 
  • Private Group access to Deanna for those enrolled in the program
  • Whether you are a seasoned Blocker or new to Block Therapy, you are welcome to join!

After completing this program you will:

  • Have a full understanding of how your trauma became trapped and how it manipulated your body/mind.
  • Learn how to rewire your brain so you can release the trauma and see it from a different lens.
  • Learn how to release the fascia pattern that caused you to become stuck in the past and that created pain, suffering and dis-ease
  • Be able to move forward with hope and joy at the forefront of your life.


David Berceli, PhD

Presentation: Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE)
Creator of Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE)

Filippa Odevall

Presentation: My Journey Towards Healing Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
Founder & Co-CEO of MoonRise Health

Dr. Karen Kan

Presentation: Rapid Inner Child Trauma Transformation
Founder of The Academy of Light Medicine™ & The TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method

Dr. Cathleen King

Presentation: Trauma Healing and Brain Retraining
Founder/CEO Primal Trust™ Academy & Community

Steve Wells

Presentation: Intention Tapping for Trauma
Founder of Steve Wells and Associates Pty Ltd

Prema McKeever

Presentation: Activate Your Inner Healing Resources
Somatic Practitioner & Trauma Therapist

Scott Kiloby

Presentation: A New Model of Recovery
Co-Founder of the Kiloby Inquiries

Dr. Judith Swack

Presentation: The Neurobiological Treatment of Trauma
President of Healing from the Body Level Up, Inc.

Edna Guzman

Presentation: Heal yourself, Heal your Trauma: The Neuro Linguistic Approach
President of Hacienda Renacer de Lares, Inc

Dr. Marlene Siegel

Presentation: Linking Dis-ease And Trauma For Fur Babies
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Anthony Korahais

Presentation: Fascia, Self-healing, Qigong, Trauma.
Founder of Flowing Zen

Dr. Eric Robins

Presentation: Block Therapy Presents - Introduction to the Trauma Relief Summit
M.D. Urologist, Pelvic Pain Specialist and Co-author of “Your Hands can Heal You”

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Start Date: October 10, 2022
Access to membership and at least one Block is required.


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