Art of Fluid Isometrics

The Art of Fluid Isometrics

Unzipping the Seams of Time, a Full Body Exploration

At a moment of intense fear, I pushed my hand into my abdomen and let out a gasp – an exhalation that brought with it a release of pain and tension, and with it came awe and wonder.

This was the beginning of my journey, and now I want to share it with you.

People often ask, how much do you block in a day? I am a habitual blocker but spend most of my blocking time in bed once I have completed my day. What I do throughout the day is Fluid Isometrics.

This journey began as an intuitive exploration after that initial moment of fear. As I was so fascinated by what my hands uncovered, it became a constant connection to move my hands inward and unlock the past. This obsession was driven by the changes that my body experienced. They were fast and continual. But there was one thing that compelled me to connect at every opportunity: it was the bridge to my deeper wisdom.

It was like I had met my best friend and now I got to be with her as often as I wanted. Melting into areas of sensation that my body presented as anxiety, stress or pain became the language that my cells used when they had a message for me. When I would stay and listen, awareness and understanding became known. I learned quickly that the layers of wisdom ran as deep as the oceans and as vast as the universe, and that I would never run out of this abundance of love from my cells.

This is what I am here to share with those of you who are interested in embarking on this journey. Using your hands compared to the block provides a similar but yet more intimate connection as you are completing the loop of energy in yourself. Learning how to untie the strands of chaos in the fascia and feel it in your fingertips allows you to be incredibly precise and pointed on your exploration.

Unlike lying on the block which is easy in practice, this takes time to learn the path of chaos in the fascia, strengthen the hands in the appropriate way so as to maintain this work lifelong, and to develop the sensitivity to feel those magnetic connections. Once you do, you can effectively unzip the seams of time on a more intimate level than ever before.

What's Included in the Art of Fluid Isometrics Program:

There are 3 modules, each containing 5 or 6 classes of instruction.

Module 1 - The Foundation

Module Breakdown:

  • Class 1 - The Foundation - Abdomen (33:19)
  • Class 2 - The Tools - Hand Class (30:55)
  • Class 3 - The Flow - Abdomen (17:24)
  • Class 4 - Lower Ribs - Lying down (20:21)
  • Class 5 - Lower Ribs - Seated (14:52)

Module 2 - Honing Your Skill

Module Breakdown:

  • Class 6 - Armpits (23:05)
  • Class 7 - Upper Ribs/Clavicles (19:22)
  • Class 8 - Upper Arms and Elbows (26:24)
  • Class 9 - Forearms and Wrists (28:59)
  • Class 10 - Neck (21:14)
  • Class 11 - Face (28:14)

Module 3 - The Dual Tools

Module Breakdown:

  • Class 12 - Thighs (25:44)
  • Class 13 - Knees (18:24)
  • Class 14 - Calves (20:36)
  • Class 15 - Feet (31:30)
  • Class 16 - Abdomen (19:54)
  • Class 17 - Neck/Face/Scalp (17:23)

Each module begins with a recorded Zoom call to prepare you for what’s to come, to add in additional information and instruction, and to answer any questions that arise.

  • Lifelong access to recorded Zoom calls
  • You will have lifelong online access to all 3 modules
  • Access to a private community group that is only for participants of this program

The Art of Fluid Isometrics

Unzipping the Seams of Time, a Full Body Exploration

Join Deanna in this unique, exclusive experience to connect to the threads of entangled fascia, and untie them through the practice of Fluid Isometrics.

As a next level application in Deanna's native fascia decompression practice, this program is only for those who have a Starter Package as a minimum.

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