100% Free Online 20 Minute Workshop For Those With Back Pain

*A Simple and Efficient Home Program Thousands Of People Are Using To 
Manage And Eliminate Back Pain

I feel amazing. I have lower back issues and have been suffering with crippling sciatica for 18 months and after doing the program I have seen huge improvements. I want to explore more of Block Therapy. I have tried so many therapy's but this is the only one that has given me results so quickly. Many thanks Clare

Clare C

Get the Free 20 Minute Workshop
Requires no skill with as little as 15 minutes per day

You Will Learn

  • How to address the specific system in the body that is the cause of all chronic pain right now
  • How to address and release the cause sites to your pain with a rolled up towel in this 20 minute workshop
  • A simple process thousands are calling the missing link in self care
  • A practice that has prevented countless surgeries so people can live a pain free life
  • A total reset on your quality of life so you can live without pain

Your Workshop Leaders

Deanna Hansen

Quinn Castelane

It is so interesting to learn about new ways to keep fit with no more 'bad pain'. It's amazing to see pain as a tool to improve rather than to critique and potentially never get relief. I'm so happy to have this course as a start to shedding light on some of my own old habits. Thank you.

Seema M

I have started the program and noticed an immediate improvement in my posture, and have noticed less pain in my lower back.

Kristen L

I think Block Therapy and I are going to become lifelong friends! In just a short period of time I have learned a ton, and I’m feeling the benefits of healing a chronic back issue. Thank you for developing this program - I will definitely help you share it with the world!

Karla A

*Individual results shared by the Block Therapy Community are unique to each individual and does not guarantee same or similar results. Before beginning any therapeutic practice, you should always consult your health practitioner.

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