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The Block Therapy Starter Package is the introductory program to Block Therapy.

What's Included:

  • Block Buddy, Block Baby or both Blocks
  • Starter Program (lifetime access)
  • 9 Day Full Body Fascia Program
  • Beginner Positions & Descriptions
  • 14 Day Membership Trial (no credit card required)
  • Free Monthly Classes
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Block Buddy

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Block Buddy & Block Baby



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the block buddy and the block baby?

Block Buddy™: Is an untreated bamboo block uniquely designed to fit the contours of the body. Bamboo is used because it shares a similar density to bone. The size, proportion and rounded corners are meticulously designed to accommodate most body types.  The Block Buddy™ is best for individuals over 5ft tall. 

Block Baby™: This is simply a smaller version of the Block Buddy™. The Block Baby™ is designed to fit into smaller spaces where the Block Buddy™ feels overwhelming. Due to the incredible compression of your fascia, there are some very tight spaces that the Block Baby™ is used to reach. The Block Baby™ is best for individuals under 5ft tall. 

Most of the people in our community prefer to have both sizes so they can interchange them as needed.  There are also many Double Blocking classes added to our membership that use both blocks.

What is the benefit of having both blocks?

For the basic practice of Block Therapy™, the Block Buddy™ is specially designed to fit most body types above 5’ in height, and be flexible for all positions. 

Adding the Block Baby™ to the Block Therapy™ kit brings an extra dimension to the practice. The Block Baby™ can be exchanged for the Buddy™ to fit more comfortably in some positions where the Block Buddy™ may be overwhelming. It can also be more efficient at digging deeply into some very tight spaces. Many people like it for its portability, and how comfortable it is to use it passively around the house.

When Blockers are ready to level up in their practice, they can join the Membership portion of the site, which features many of our popular double blocking classes that use both Block Buddy™ and Block Baby™ simultaneously, to a greater effect. 

While the Block Baby™ can be purchased separately on a later date, it will save you money to purchase initially through the "best deal” package.

What is the block therapy membership?

The Block Therapy™ Membership is an online platform which allows you access to our full library of classes and programs. 

Inside the Block Therapy™ Membership, we have categorized our platform into different modules so you will be able to follow the content and find classes and programs that fit your health goals. This includes:

  • Multiple 15-30 minute classes targeting all areas of the body - beginner and advanced.
  • Multiple 60-90 minute classes targeting all areas of the body - beginner and advanced.
  • Multiple Daily Guided Programs (9 - 21 day programs) targeting the lower body, core, head, neck and face. Each day has suggested added content that will compliment your practice.
  • Block for Fitness - Rebuilding Your Postural Foundation; incorporating strength training by using the Block Buddy™ and resistance bands. 
  • Multiple postural videos with additional added content to support your Block Therapy™ practice

Each month we add new content so our members are up to date with the latest classes, series and programs.  

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