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I became involved in Block Therapy and it changed my life. The change to my health has been nothing short of amazing. I can move again. Pain levels are way down and easier to control. I am getting my freedom back! Mind blowing. Block Therapy is now a part of my life. No chemicals. Only positive side effects. My life is changed!

Garnie Ross

Block Therapy Instructor In Training

Block Therapy Laura Allard Head Shot

Block Therapy has unlocked the mystery of my body that I've been trying to solve for years. It's now my partner in healing.

Laura Allard

Owner: Lake&Lotus
Founder: SOFA (Sisters of Fibromyalgia Awareness)
Block Therapy Member

Block Therapy Deanna looking out background

Deanna Hansen

Deanna Hansen is a Certified Athletic Therapist and Founder of Block Therapy. She has connected with Barry Gibson, PGA of Canada Golf Professional to bring you a Block Therapy program for golfers that is simple to do and only takes 15 minutes per day.

Deanna had struggled for years, was 50 pounds overweight and was dealing with anxiety, depression and chronic pain.

Barry, a 30 year golf professional, knows first hand how effective Block Therapy is. He suffered for years with back pain and hip problems.

The reason why it has been so hard for you is because of restrictions in your tissue and joints and improper posture, all of which impact your golf swing and affect your daily activities.

He will tell you that Block Therapy has made golf easier and more fun again and everyday living more enjoyable.

Block Therapy Deanna Hansen Before and After

Here is Deanna's Story - How Block Therapy Began


We love that you will achieve...

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Fascia Health

"There is a growing data that pain from fascia generates fibromyalgia muscle pain, and this has been my personal, clinical and research experience."

~ Dr. Ginevra Liptan

Block Therapy addresses the fascia system.


Love yourself, your life, and learn to create the body that matches your level of self-acceptance.



TRUE transformation begins with improved digestion, healthy gut, detoxing and immunity!



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There are 3 things that need to happen in order to create change...

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Block Therapy Block For Fibromyalgia Banner-New


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