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Earn An Income Promoting Inspired Education

What's Included In
My Infinity 2-Tier Affiliate Program?

Your referrals are:

  • Awarded at a rate of 15-20% commission.
  • Tracked via IP, E-Mail, and cookies.
  • Your referrals remain yours for the duration of their membership at

As you introduce other to this exciting new Bodywork Practice, you can earn a continuous income. 

How the 2 Tiered System Works

- You receive a 15% commission on any online Block Therapy program you sell using your personalized affiliate link.

- With any direct sales from that person, you receive a 5% commission on their sales. 

- The Infinity System is designed for any future additional purchases from your referral to be credited to you. 

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 Begin a fun online business today by enrolling in our Affiliate Partner Program!

Deanna Hansen


"It is my goal to teach people to become their own health advocate and to share with others; to benefit not only your personal health goals, but also your financial needs."

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What You Get When You Sign-Up Today:

  1. Accelerate your income through our infinity affiliate system. You get paid on all future purchases from your referrals when they purchase more courses.
  2. Keep up with your purchases through your own referral partner center. Learn how to take action on KPI's (Key Performance Indicators).
  3. Increase your earning potential through the multiple marketing funnels we provide from our Faculty Members.
  4. An infinity model that provides your tribe with the opportunity to take their lives, businesses and education as far as they want.