How would you like to:

Be the first to deliver this revolutionary bodywork practice to your community? 

Have multiple streams of income producing activities?

Have the freedom to design your own approach to teaching?

Be a part of a supportive community that is here to assist and guide you?

If you answered Yes to any of these, you are in the right place.

My name is Deanna Hansen.

I have spent my entire career working in people’s fascia. I have logged over 50,000 hours in deep tissue work and have developed a simple to follow system to teach you to take control of your body and your life.

I used to struggle with my weight, my emotions, my addictions… and I was aging rapidly. All of my efforts to make positive change ended in failure, spiralling me further into chaos.

It was during the worst anxiety attack of my life when the spark of Fluid Isometrics was born. It started as a self care journey, which I then translated to my patients. From there, I developed the self care version of this bodywork system, targeting the fascia, called Block Therapy. 

As Block Therapy University is a virtual program, you can access this from anywhere. It is my goal to have thousands of instructors teaching their communities this therapy, exercise and meditation. 

Watch this introductory video to get a taste of what you are going to learn in Block Therapy University!


Here are Your 3 Block Therapy University Options to Begin

Please Review all 3 Before Committing

Become a Block Therapy Instructor

You will be added into our Block Therapy University Member Site where all content is stored to become certified.

You will also receive:

1. Your own Block Buddy & Block Baby

2. 21 Day Block Blitz

3. 4 Block Therapy Guided Classes & 4 Foundation/Habit Forming Classes

4. 2 Years Full Access to Block Therapy Members

5. You will have lifetime access to the Private Facebook group – Breathe & Believe – the Instructor Group

6. You will have lifetime access to our Private Facebook group – Block Therapy Members

In this program, you will learn safe, simple steps to begin the journey of proper diaphragmatic breathing. You will target the core of the body, releasing adhesions in the ribcage that have been locking you out of alignment, causing your systems to be sluggish and the size in your core to accumulate. Then you will be guided through the Whole Body – the Pelvis and Legs, and the Head, Neck and Arms.

You will:

  • Learn the reasons you have been trapped in your tissue and how to decompress the tension that is blocking health and healing
  • Learn how to properly access your diaphragmatic breath and be given a new perspective on how to lose weight
  • Learn and integrate proper alignment the lower body
  • Learn and integrate proper alignment of the ribcage
  • Learn and integrate proper alignment of the tongue

In this phase of the program you will quickly see the results of melting through the adhesions and re-activating your cellular functions. You will also see a dramatic change in your size and shape as cellular re-alignment opens your cells to proper blood and oxygen flow.

At the end of this phase when you feel ready to be evaluated, the first step is to take the 3 online tests. They are to be done in the order that we teach the intro series:

  • The Core
  • The Pelvis and Legs
  • The Head, Neck and Arms

Once you have passed all 3 tests, you will have an interview with Quinn Castelane, Lead Block Therapist and VP. He will ask you a series of questions in preparation for your evaluation. At this time, you can also practice teaching with friends and family. When you feel competent with teaching, you can submit your 3 teacher training videos to be evaluated. Once you complete this step, you can start teaching the Intro Series of Block Therapy.

There is no time limit for this – you will submit your videos for evaluation whenever you are ready.

Become Our Next Block Therapy Instructor Now!

(Canadian Residents Only)

Certified Block Therapy Instructor

(US and International Residents Only)

Certified Block Therapy Instructor

Block For Bodyworkers

The Block Therapy Instructor Program is a Prerequisite for Block for Bodyworkers and is Included in the Price.

Save $500 if you sign up on or before January 15, 2018.

I have learned a ton over the last 18 years of developing Fluid Isometrics and almost a decade of developing Block Therapy about how to use your body effectively, safely and efficiently.

Wouldn’t it be great to improve your posture, strength and health while working instead of aging and accumulating pain?

Block for Body Workers will not only give you a tool to improve the efficiency of your treatments, it will do so much more.

  • Share the understanding of how fascia ages and how to reverse aging
  • Teach you to understand Cause sites and Pain sites
  • Teach you how to use the Block Buddy as the tool, avoiding direct contact
  • with areas most people find uncomfortable to work on – i.e. – groin
  • Teach you to tap into the spiral pattern in fascia to melt through adhesions and awaken cells previously blocked from life
  • Teach you how to use inflammation to heal the body after an acute injury
  • Provide multiple streams of income to support your financial needs
  • Allow you to be on the cutting edge as a professional in your field
  • Give you the pre-requisite to learn Fluid Isometrics in future if desired

Through recorded videos of live virtual instruction, you will learn how to use the Block Buddy in different areas of the body. You will learn the application on a massage table as well as on the floor.

To learn more, listen to our recorded Block Therapy University webinar introducing Block for Bodyworkers!

(Canadian Residents Only)

Block for Bodyworkers

(US and International Residents Only)

Block for Bodyworkers

Become a Block Therapist

For those who choose this option will have lifetime access to Block Therapy Members

You will receive:

1. Your own Block Buddy & Block Baby

2. 21 Day Block Blitz

3. Total of 26 Block Therapy Guided Classes & Foundation/Habit Forming Classes

4. Lifetime Access to Block Therapy Members

5. You will have lifetime access to the Private Facebook group – Breathe & Believe – the Instructor Group

6. You will have lifetime access to our Private Facebook group – Block Therapy Members

To become a Block Therapist, we are going to take you deeper into the fascia system, guiding you through many variations and approaches to teaching Block Therapy.

Some of the components are:

  • Assessments
  • Transitions
  • RipCore
  • Intensives
  • Block for Bodyworkers


First learning on yourself you will understand cause sites vs pain sites and how to release the holding patterns of fascia to re-align your cellular structure. From here you will learn how to see in others the holding patters and to guide people to fast track their results.


You will be taught how to move from one Block Therapy position to another in the rib cage and core allowing much deeper access into the fascia system.


You will be taught how to integrate isometric resistance into your Block Therapy practice to create an overall toning and sculpting experience.


You will be taught how to teach intensives/workshops spending 3+ hours per day to deliver an overall full body effect.

Block for Bodyworkers

This is a component of the Block Therapist program.

*Only those with a license to touch can use the information provided.

These are just a few components to becoming a Block Therapist. Block Therapy is constantly evolving and the opportunities for creating your own career path are endless.

Prerequisites and Certification Requirements

  • 18 years or older
  • Passing grade on all tests
  • Demonstrate a passion for teaching Block Therapy
  • Appropriate Liability Insurance (for students without existing coverage, you will have access to Block Therapy Liability Insurance).
  • CPR Certification
  • Signed Block Therapy University Contract before instructing classes
  • *Block for Bodyworkers requires a license to touch

We are delighted you are considering joining the Block Therapy Family.

Please email with any questions you may have at

Join Block Therapy University Now!

(Canadian Residents Only)

Certified Block Therapist

(US and International Residents Only)

Certified Block Therapist


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What Clients Say…

I had a lot of trouble with my left knee. For 20 years I couldn't go up and down stairs, after 3 months on the Block I can go up, down, sideways, whatever.

Diane McDougall

Block therapy is amazing!  After 2 decades of pain and steadily getting worse, I feel better at 47 than I did at 25.  It is literally making me younger and undoing damage.  Thanks Deanna for this fantastic program!

Sandee Bachalo

I am on day 10 of the 21 day block blitz, and loving it! I lost 6 inches in 7 days. It’s unbelievable…incredible! I feel so much better too. I have had numerous abdominal/pelvic surgeries over the 10 years, and have felt that area was very tight and this is helping so much!

Debi Hamilton