Bonus: 3 Postural Foundations

That you can start integrating now - with your clients and yourself.

1st Postural Foundation: Core & Ribcage

In this video, we teach how to access your proper diaphragmatic breath, and compare that with the upper chest breather. We discuss the advantages of strengthening this muscle as it can increase oxygen absorption dramatically, as well as creates an amazing ability to detoxify cells. We also share how to brace the core to support conscious breathing when doing exercise or activity.

2nd Postural Foundation: Pelvis & Legs

In this video, we teach you Rooting -- aligning the lower body. We share how a typical person stands and compare this to correct alignment and review all the actions required to bring the body into balance. We discuss this from a standing position as well as seated, so you can support proper call alignment up the chain.

3rd Postural Foundation: Head, Neck & Arms

In this video, we teach you proper placement of the tongue muscle. One of the functions of the tongue is to support the alignment of the head and neck. Incorrect alignment will pull head forward, blocking flow to the head and all its contents, as well as create the appearance of a double chin. We also share proper placement of the shoulder blades and review the actions required to bring the upper body into balance.

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