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Please read this before you book.

We are excited that you have taken this step forward in your professional development.

This consultation is designed to help you gain clarity on how Block Therapy University can enhance your current work, extend the length of your bodywork practice and bring more fulfillment and meaning into your career.

Here are a few things you can do to prepare for your appointment:

1.Book the time on your calendar so that you are not bothered with distractions.
2.Complete your questionnaire on the booking page to clarify your objectives.
3.Have something to record your thoughts, notes, or breakthroughs.
4.Have internet access during your appointment as the call will be via Zoom.

Please ensure you are ready to be present and engaged for your consultation. Set aside about 1/2 for this consultation..

Please remember that you are scheduling this consultation. We are very busy helping new people every day to become known as an expert in their bodywork profession. We want to do the same for you so please make sure you show up prepared. If you are not committed to be on the call, please do not schedule one.

We have seen Block Therapy University change so many of our students' lives and careers. We look forward to talking with you and seeing how it can change yours. 

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