Free Webinar: A New Perspective on Weight Loss

29/08/2019 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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Date(s) - 29/08/2019
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


There are only 2 times in our lifetime when we actually increase the number of fat cells in the body, when we are babies, and at puberty. This means that if our size is changing, it isn’t because we have added fat cells to the body, but that the cells that we do have are expanding.

So what causes cells to expand?

Think of a balloon under pressure. As you squeeze a balloon at one end, it expands at the other end. The balloon will expand to a point until it bursts, as what happens if the pressure becomes greater than the strength of the container.

Now imagine a body perfectly aligned body. When every cell is situated in it’s proper place, there isn’t any compression or stress, therefore no added pressure. The perfectly aligned, relaxed cell will not be protruding with stress, and will be it’s appropriate size. This happy cell will also be able to function efficiently, ensuring that our body’s needs and requirements are met.

Now imagine a body not properly aligned, which is the majority of the population. When we don’t practice proper posture and conscious breathing, the rib cage collapses into the core of the body. This creates pressure within the core space, causing a ballooning of tissue outward. What we think of as fat is partly displaced tissue, bulging outward from the internal pressure.

What also happens when the rib cage collapses into the core is the organs become squished. The stomach, liver, pancreas and gall bladder don’t have the appropriate amount of space to receive optimal blood flow, so they aren’t as efficient in their functioning. This causes the digestive system to be sluggish, causing a backup of waste in the system. This adds both size, and weight to the body.

Join Quinn and me on our live webinar as we share how Block Therapy benefits the body as it refers to weight loss and detoxification.

We will be giving away a free 21 Day Program with a Block included live on the webinar!

When: August 28th

Time: 7:00pm central

Price: Free


  1. Aaron James

    Energy Transfer: The Hidden Link to Weight Loss through Clear of Lactic Acid and Toxins from the Body… Quinn I wanted to let you know of a recent discovery I made in Quantum with regard weight loss creating flow and removing toxicity that can potentially increase the potency of block therapy treatment even further as a means of promoting weight loss and greater health … You will recall my theory on the quantum nodes of the lymphatic system as a means of targeting water and body fat loss by increasing the flow of qi in stagnant areas of the body such as the abdominals and inner things/adductors… we also discussed the importance of breathing through at least two points thereof simultaneously in order to create flow through the entire system… Well a new utility which compliments all of this presents itself as follows: … I originally discovered this when doing cardio – I was getting a lot of lactic acid build up in my legs that was preventing me from riding as hard as I wanted – I wasn’t tired but my legs were getting sore and giving out because of lactic acid build up – … I later realized that during my warm down I was systematically and yet subconsciously* doing something that helped flush lactic acid from my legs, while still* on the bike… I then observed* what it was I was doing once I became aware* of doing so… and I discovered* that I was effecting an internal energy transfer from my core (self quantum signature) into the quantum signature of muscular points of insertion that were sore and in need of lactic flush … I have uncovered the connection between energy transfer and lactic acid flush/targeted flush of toxins in the body … If during block therapy we learn how to breath into areas in this special fashion it will enhance the effects of creating flow by creating flush of lactic acid and associated toxins from muscle tissue as result… The Quantum Jargon: there are 4 quantum collapse container types in the qi as result of the quantum collapse which is responsible for quantum energy flow: energy transfer is done by penetrating the qi in context of quantum collapse container types 1 and 3 … An ***external frame of reference*** to help : energy transfer is also the martial arts energy mindfulness associated with transferring energy from the limb to the target after the limb has made contact with the target… an experienced internal school of martial art practitioner will intuitively know how to generate energy transfer in this way without understanding the quantum dynamic under the hood sort to speak… Another tool for external frame of reference: Attempt to massage a point on your own* body… if done without* energy transfer, the body will feel hard and impermeable under your fingers… but if we focus on creating a supple feeling to the tissue beneath the fingers, we will be creating the proper quantum flow associated with energy transfer* – an athletic therapist* (Ms Hansen…) whom has quite likely done a great deal of work with massage, will be able to create this feeling of suppleness in self massage quite intuitively…

  2. Aaron James

    Thanks Stephanie, you’re most welcome 🙂 … I’ve been discussing quantum flow theory with V.P. Quinn in some depth for some time now with an aim to ultimately finding practical external frames of reference by which laypersons may be able to intuitively get a feel for certain quantum flow block therapy adaptations that can potentially accelerate healing results even further. Breathing simultaneously through two points on the body in block therapy treatment as opposed to only one, is yet another example of enhanced application that I’ve addressed… its quantum level effect is one of enhancing the depth of flow and thus increasing the potency of healing flush of toxins and weight loss, as result.