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Pain is your roadmap to freedom and fascia decompression is the missing link to health and healing.

Learn the necessary foundations to start your health and healing journey from the comfort of your own home and empower yourself with the tools and knowledge to reap the benefits of a body that flows with ease.

The Ultimate Fascia Decompression Starter Kit Includes:

  • 5 Steps to Control Your Pain pdf complete with exercises that you can implement today 
  • The most important Block Therapy position 
  • 3 postural exercises you can apply immediately to see results (no equipment required)
  • Our most recommended blogs to expand your knowledge of fascia decompression and how it relates to your health and healing
  • Direct access into our Block Therapy Facebook Community group
  • The first step to eliminating pain is to understand your fascia.

    Pain has been given a bad rap. It’s not the enemy, but a friend here to guide. Sometimes we don’t like the message, however, without it, we would be lost.

    Pain is a signal that your cells need attention. It is how they communicate that their needs aren’t being met. The body knows what the cells need at any given moment and responds to those calls by sending oxygen and nutrients in the blood. However, if you have a bunch of roadblocks in the way, the nutrients don’t reach the cell, which cause them to scream a little louder.

    Your fascia is the communication highway between every cell. If the roadways are open and clear, there is an immediate response to a call and the body knows what to do. The challenge arises when the fascia compresses. Gravity, injury, surgery, unconscious posture and incorrect breathing are the main reasons adhesions develop in the fascia which ultimately wind the body down. All issues in the body are largely impacted and result from compression.

    Here is the great news...

    You can decompress your fascia! Once you understand this, all issues in the body can change back to a healthier and more aligned version. When your cells are positioned in the right place - there is nothing blocking flow. When they migrate away from proper alignment, the body develops adhesions to create stability. It is a protective mechanism built into the fascia’s intelligence, but unfortunately, this blocks flow.

    This has implications for everything. Pain, aging, disease, unhealthy size and shape, anxiety, depression, sleep issues... cells not aligned don’t receive what they need to thrive.

    Block Therapy is designed to undo this negative cycle of compression and re-establish balance and harmony in your body.

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