Block Therapy
Holiday Special

Buy a 21 Day Program
as a Holiday Gift and

​Receive Two Free Virtual Intensives for Yourself!

​Holiday Special Details

Step 1 - Choose what Program you would like to gift to your Friend or Family and whether you would like to purchase them a Block Buddy as well.

Step ​2 - Choose which TWO Virtual Intensives you would like added to your Block Therapy account. There are 9 Intensives from the past, and 2 that will take place in the future.

Step ​3 - ​Enter your​ personal billing details and contact information.

Step ​​4 - ​Enter ​the personal details of who the gift is for. **If you are ordering a Block Buddy for them, be sure to add in their shipping details.

Step ​​​5 - ​​Click "Submit" once you have entered all yours and the gift recipient's information.

Step ​​​6 - ​​You will receive an email from Penka shortly confirming your order request and further instructions on how to pay for your gift.

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