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We are excited to be continually adding new instructors to our team. This list will be consistently updated as we continue to certify more Fluid Isometrics Block Therapy Instructors across the globe.

The online Fluid Isometrics Block Therapy Teacher Training program is live and available to anyone with an internet connection and a passion to be involved in the movement to empower people to become their own health advocates.  To learn about becoming a Certified Block Therapy Instructor click here!

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Winnipeg, MB
​VP of Block Therapy
Lead Block Therapist ​

​Quinn Castelane

Quinn has always been interested in sports and fitness. At a young age he started weight training at his high school gym. As results were coming fast, it quickly became his new focus. At the age of 18, Quinn was introduced to Block Therapy. As he felt and saw dramatic changes after only a couple session, this became his new addiction.

Quinn started to combine Block Therapy into his bodybuilding routine. After years of taking copious amounts of supplements, he was given a challenge; to quit all supplements and to make Block Therapy his only focus. This is what changed everything for him. These are only some of the results he gained from this challenge – improved muscle recovery, improved muscle pump in the gym, symmetry & proportion. “When you understand the fascia system, do the work, and make it a habit, you become your own health advocate. This is how you gain control of your body.”

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Winnipeg, MB
​Lead Block Therapist & Coach, and Final Evaluator for Block Therapy University

Heather Whitla

She is a certified Personal Trainer, and has now solely put her focus to Block Therapy. She has done extensive training, and teaching along side of Deanna Hansen, the founder of Fluid Isometrics and Block Therapy and became a Certified Block Therapy Instructor in 2013. 

While having been an athlete all her life, participating in many Manitoba Marathons, Manitoba Synchronized Swimming Team, multiple Manitoba Volleyball teams, gymnastics, long distance track team, Heather has enjoyed taking her experiences and using that knowledge and understanding to train others in helping to achieve their physical and fitness goals. Because of injuries that can happen while training, Heather set off on a journey to discover a solution to these issues as well.

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​Abaco, Bahamas
​Block Therapist,
​Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor, Body Talk Practitioner

​Rachael Aberle

With 15 years experience in body work, Rachael uses Block Therapy to combine meditation, exercise and therapy to improve body awareness, body alignment, proper breathing. Rachael’s passion is to empower people to take their health into their own hands to improve quality of life and realize their life’s purpose.

Rachael is the first Block Therapist in the Bahamas, and travels around the country to spread the healing power of Block Therapy. She has lived and studied abroad in  Costa Rica, Switzerland and the US, and speaks Spanish, German and Swiss German.

She and her husband have an organic micro greens and sprout farm. Her hobbies include boating, walking on the beach collecting sea treasures and spending time with family and friends. A wellness warrior at heart, Rachael enjoys hosting workshops and is planning wellness cruises aboard catamarans in Abaco, Bahamas.

Winnipeg, MB
​​Block Therapy Instructor
Certified Block Therapist
Holistic Nurse Practitioner

Shelley Elhatton, RN

Shelley Elhatton has been a registered Nurse since 1982. She has traveled extensively and has worked abroad with her nursing career. She was extremely fortunate to be immersed in many holistic modalities. Shelley understood long ago that a dis-ease in the body, was simply that. She has always looked at the body as a whole, rather than the “hole” in the body. She has come to believe that the medical society needs to attach a name or diagnosis to the symptoms.

Spending a lifetime assisting others, and like many in health care, she forgot about her own self care. Overtime chronic pain issues in her back became apparent. She experienced a car accident at 30 years of age, which followed the diagnosis or fibromyalgia. This lead her on a search to find a “cure” and feel well again. Unfortunately despite the many wonderful modalities she came across and some she studied in depth, the results were not long lasting. The accumulation of time and having three abdominal surgeries, eventually resulted on being on disability.

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Joanne Holt

Winnipeg, MB &
Bucerias, Mexico 
​Block Therap​ist
Personal Trainer,
​Group Fitness, Resistance Training and Active Older Adult Exercise Instructor,
Nutrition and Wellness Consultant

​Joanne Holt

​​Joanne applies her extensive knowledge and experience toward helping people achieve a higher level of fitness and improved quality of life. As a personal trainer, Joanne’s mission is to share her enthusiasm, experience and motivation towards health and fitness goals that can help her clients live their lives to the fullest by empowering people to take their health into their own hands.

After 1​7 years as a fitness professional, it still gives Joanne great satisfaction to pass along her enthusiasm and expertise to those wanting to adopt a lifestyle of physical and mental well-being. Adding Fluid Isometrics Block Therapy to her repertoire of specialties has given her a great understanding of proper diaphragmatic breathing and truly calming the nervous system down. She always looks forward to adding it to the health and fitness regimes of her clients and sees such huge benefits since beginning to teach Block Therapy to them.

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Winnipeg, MB
​Block Therapy Instructor

​Joan Jasper

Joan Jasper is an Administrative Assistant working in the Financial Services Field as well as a Certified Block Therapy Instructor. After years of working at a desk, Joan began to suffer from constant pain in her upper back. She tried various means to alleviate this pain, without success. She was referred to Fluid Isometrics in 2012 and began working with Block Therapy to finally obtain relief from her pain.

In her spare time Joan enjoys golfing (summer) and yoga (winter) and loves to use the block to help increase her range of motion.  She also enjoys ballroom dancing and is using the block to alleviate aches and pains in her legs and feet.

Joan is looking forward to empowering others to become their own health advocates and teaching them how to “self-care” to deal with their current issues as well as long term benefits. 

Winnipeg, MB
​Block Therapy Instructor
Unblock Your Golf
Success Coach

​​Tammy Gibson

Tammy Gibson​ is an avid competitive golfer, being a five-time provincial champion and nine-time national championship participant. Tammy has had an interest in health and fitness all her life and always looks for ways to be active and stay healthy through sport, fitness, nutrition and meditation. Tammy is a retired provincial civil servant, having worked in various areas over her 30-year career such as training, policy development and strategic management. She has now found her true calling with Block Therapy.

Tammy’s Block Therapy journey began out the need to address her shoulder and hip pain from playing competitive golf. Many other treatments, while helpful, did not provide lasting relief whereas Block Therapy made the difference! She found the block was so easy to integrate into her daily routine. She quickly found lasting relief from her chronic pain, improved her range of motion and lost some weight.

As soon as Tammy started seeing these results she knew this was something special and wanted to share it with others. Tammy is now a Block Therapy Instructor and owner of Unblock Your Golf.  She is very much looking forward to sharing her experiences and teaching others to become advocates of their own health.

Kristine Wattis

Winnipeg, MB
​Block Therapy Instructor ​

​Kristine Wattis

​Kristine Wattis currently works full time in an office environment, but feels that she has finally found her calling. She is now a Certified Block Therapy Instructor. It was a little over 3 years ago when she took her first class. She remembers leaving that class thinking that she had just done something amazing to her body. No other body work had (or has) done that for her after just one class.

Kristine has taught Block Therapy in the Bahamas, and in Phoenix, Arizona. She is more than excited to now be teaching it here in Winnipeg. She will be hosting classes regularly starting January 2017. ​She is also available for private classes, one-on-one, and Skype sessions. Kristine also sees hosting Block Therapy retreats, locally or in exotic locations in her future!

Susan Livingstone

​Saskatoon, SK
​​​Block Therapy Instructor,
SPRA Aqua Fitness Instructor

​Susan Livingstone

​Susan is a retired Elementary Teacher (B.ED), a Certified SPRA Aqua Fitness Instructor and a Certified Block Therapy Instructor. Susan sees herself as a work in progress.  As a lifelong learner, her life journey is always a search for that next lesson, whatever it may be.

Susan has a passionate desire to find interesting ways stay active and fit.  Fortunate to be in good health, she cherishes the freedom, independence and joy that come with fluid movement.  She works to maintain her physical, emotional and mental health through a variety of physical, artistic, and musical activities.  Practicing tai chi and meditating, she stays spiritually healthy.

Susan believes that the human body is designed to move and, barring accidents and unfortunate health problems, one can, through movement, live a thoroughly healthy and active life.  She also believes that one must also be proactive, that it’s not enough to talk the talk; she must also walk the walk, so she feels fortunate to have heard about Block Therapy powered by Fluid Isometrics.

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Lea Stillinger

​Montreal, QC
​Block Therapy ​Therapist

​​Lea Stillinger

​For over 15 years, I have studied yoga and therapeutics, internationally with great yoga leaders such as Desiree Rumbauch,Todd Norian, Michaelle Edwards and Elena Brower. Through my yoga practice, I have enjoyed experiencing freedom and release and enthusiastically shared that. One challenge I have faced, is that as the intensity and excellence of my practice has grown, an injury would happen. The slow recovery process would start once again, making it necessary to ramp down my vibrant practice and physical lifestyle, and seek new methods for healing my injury.

As a result of these experiences and a car crash several years ago, I became passionate about bringing my body back to full performance in my sports and outdoor lifestyle, so that I could receive the full physical, emotional and mental benefits of these activities. Block therapy has unlocked my body’s potential unlike any other (of the very many) healing practices I have tried. As a Certified Block Therapist and Instructor, I am committed to giving people the skills and support to seek a clear path to their own self-care and recovery. It is a joy to un-puzzle our bodies together. Block Therapy is for people at any point in their life, of any age or level of physicality.Together with my students, we build pain-free alignment and strength in our bodies and are empowered to heal ourselves.

​Penticton, ​BC
​​​Block Therapy Instructor,
​Massage Therapist

​Tami Le Poidevin

​Tami came to Block Therapy with a background in massage and immediately connected with how Block Therapy worked and what a powerful tool it could be.  In 2018 she became a Block Therapy Instructor and Bodyworker and is continuing her studies working towards becoming a Block Therapist.  

Tami uses a combination of Block Therapy, deep tissue massage and Specialized Kinesiology in her sessions with clients to help them remove pain and restrictions in their body.  She also teaches Block Therapy classes in Penticton, BC.

Rose Benjamin

​​Bristol, Indiana
​Block Therapy Instructor

​​Rose Benjamin

Rose Benjamin has been a Certified Nutritional Counsellor since 1998 after 26 years in the education field. She extended her knowledge in helping others beyond supplement support through energy work. Rose is certified in Emotion Code and Body Code. Both modalities have proven to eliminate trapped emotions interfering with body function and creating pain. Rose has several documented cases of great improvements from old pain, beliefs, and emotional baggage from the past. Her clients learned that Emotion & Body Code are non-invasive and gentle, while no personal information has to be shared for the work to be effective.

Block Therapy was then discovered which gave Rose hope to change the effects and pain of scoliosis on her back, pain in knees and bunions, and scar tissue from surgeries. After seeing how her body was changing, and how she was de-stressing while using her block, Rose decided to do the Teacher Training.“This was something I had to learn how to do for myself & for the potential it has to help both the young and old.”

​Belle Ewert, ​ON
​Block Therapy ​Instructor

​​​Victoria Goodman

​Victoria Goodman, is Truly a Holistic Health Professional. She has spent more than half her life,
​studying, and applying natural, holistic approaches to health and wellness. She is owner and operator of Victoria’s Holistic Day Spa and The Bowen and Block Therapy Pain Clinic, since 1991.
Victoria’s Holistic Day Spa is located in Innisfil, Ontario. 45 minutes n. of Toronto. Victoria offers house calls to Private, Corporate, Hospitals, Hospice, Palliative & Long Term Care.

Victoria started her career at Seneca College for Esthetics and has not stopped since then. Most recently Certified, as Ontario’s First, Block Therapy Instructor! Victoria is also Certified as a Bowen Therapist, CBT.

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