100% Free Online Workshop For Your Fur Family

*A Simple and Efficient Home Care Workshop Designed to Transform Your Pet’s Health, Literally in Your Own Hands.

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Requires no skill that you can apply today

You Will Learn

  • Simple technique that you can apply today to help improve your pet’s nervous system, alignment, joint health and mobility
  • Little known secret of why you need to take care of your pet's fascia for lifelong health
  • The Grip and Grab fascia technique shared on 4 different dogs, ranging from 2 and a half pounds to 110 pounds
  • How to engage proper diaphragmatic breathing in your own body to be calm when working on your pet
  • The benefits to your overall health when connecting to proper diaphragmatic breathing

Your Workshop Leaders

Dr. Marlene Siegel

Deanna Hansen
Founder of Block Therapy

*Individual results shared by the Block Therapy Community are unique to each individual and does not guarantee same or similar results. Before beginning any therapeutic practice, you should always consult your health practitioner.

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