“People are always looking for ways to look and feel younger, and there are many apparent solutions out there that don’t do what is promised. So how do you keep your skin looking young and healthy, lifelong?”

The first thing you need to understand is what causes your tissue to age.

My name is Deanna Hansen and I am a Certified Athletic Therapist and the Founder of Fluid Isometrics and Block Therapy. I have been developing this bodywork system for over 17 years, spent over 50,000 hours working in people’s tissue and have seen the amazing benefits of this simple and efficient system on thousands of people, including myself.

Aging is the combination of a number of factors, but most significantly, the constant force of gravity. Gravity is a force continually compressing your body. The good news is you have a counterforce to gravity built in to your biology – the full conscious exhalation – but you need to make this practice a habit in order to access the value that it grants.

Another factor affecting the aging process is the lack of proper use of posture. Being dominant on one side, you torque the body from asymmetrical movements, causing a spiraling down of tissue over time. This creates a layering of tissue and a gripping onto bony surfaces. This is the body’s way of attempting to stop the negative migration caused from gravity. Unfortunately, this is what causes tissue to age.

To reverse this process that affects us all, there are 3 things necessary for you to do:

1. Remove the grips on the bone. These grips block blood and energy flow and “pull” tissue away from its proper place, causing tension.

2. Inflate the tissue that had been compressed through proper diaphragmatic breathing.

3. Rebalance the body to minimize the affects unconscious posture creates over time.

There are basically 2 directions you can go. You can let gravity age you…


you can choose the different path, the path to reversing the unconscious effects of time. This is my purpose, to share what has worked for me, as I certainly wouldn’t look the way I do today if I hadn’t been open to this path.

The most amazing part is that the benefits cross multiple planes. Mind, body and spirit travel together so when you change one, the others follow. For me, this is really a path to feeling at peace with myself. 


Whatever your reason for beginning this practice – it works!

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With Block Buddy

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