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This is what you will receive:

Block Therapy University Members Site: This is where all content is stored to become a Certified Block Therapy Instructor.

Block Buddy & Block Baby: Hand finished Blocks to accelerate your Block Therapy experience.

21 Day Block Blitz: 15 minute per day habit-forming program to help keep you on track with your Block Therapy progress.

Deanna’s Lessons: 4 Block Therapy guided classes & 4 Foundation/Habit forming classes.

Block Therapy MembersLifetime access to Block Therapy Members!

Private Facebook Support Group: You will have lifetime access to our Private Facebook Group – Breathe & Believe – the Instructors Group.

Block Therapy Members Facebook Group: You will have lifetime access to our Private Facebook Group – Block Therapy Members – to communicate with all Block Therapy advocates.

Personal Contact with Deanna Hansen: 24/7 direct contact with Deanna Hansen.


In this program, you will learn safe, simple steps to begin the journey of proper diaphragmatic breathing. You will target the core of the body, releasing adhesions in the ribcage that have been locking you out of alignment, causing your systems to be sluggish and the size in your core to accumulate. Then you will be guided through the Whole Body – the Pelvis and Legs, and the Head, Neck and Arms.

You Will:

  • Learn the reasons you have been trapped in your tissue and how to decompress the tension that is blocking health and healing 
  • Learn how to properly access your diaphragmatic breath and be given a new perspective on how to lose weight
  • Learn and integrate proper alignment the lower body
  • Learn and integrate proper alignment of the ribcage
  • Learn and integrate proper alignment of the tongue

In this phase of the program you will quickly see the results of melting through the adhesions and re-activating your cellular functions. You will also see a dramatic change in your size and shape as cellular re-alignment opens your cells to proper blood and oxygen flow.

At the end of this phase when you feel ready to be evaluated, the first step is to take the 3 online tests. They are to be done in the order that we teach the intro series: Core Class, Pelvis & Legs Class, and the Head, Neck and Arms Class.

Once you have passed all 3 tests, you will have an interview with Heather Whitla. She will ask you a series of questions in preparation for your evaluation. At this time, you can also practice teaching with friends and family. When you feel competent with teaching, you can submit your 3 teacher training videos to be evaluated. Once you complete this step, you can start teaching the Intro Series of Block Therapy.

There is no time limit for this – you will submit your videos for evaluation whenever you are ready.

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 5 in


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