Core Climbing with the Cue – 3 Part Series


3 Part Series.

You may be wondering – What is Core Climbing with the Cue?

Years ago, Quinn and I were playing pool. With the pool cue, I started playing around and using it to get deep into the tissue in the back and between the vertebrae. What I noticed immediately was how much it helped to lift and lengthen the core, and how it gets to those deep areas of pointed tension to release. It felt amazing and since then, I have wanted to create a class to share with you to give you this added benefit.

The time has come, and starting this March, I will but on a 3-part series to guide you. They will be 2 weeks apart, each class an hour long.

This series will be done on a chair, and will combine blocking with Core Climbing with the Cue. The combination of these 2 modalities will create a feeling of connection deep inside that will give you added rotation, a sleeker looking back and core, and a freedom to move your body that will take you to another level of confidence and excitement.

What you will need:

  •  A dowel, 5 feet in length, 1 1/4 inch in diameter. This can be purchased from any Home Hardware store.
    Image result for dowel
  •  A Block Buddy
  •  A chair


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