Welcome to the Block Therapy Referral Partner program!

With our rewards program you can earn an income promoting inspired education and healing. If Block Therapy is something that you love and you want others to receive the benefits, you can join our Block Therapy Referral Partner at no cost and start earning commissions simply by spreading the word. 

This is how our Referral Partner program is structured.

As soon as you sign up as a Block Therapy Referral Partner, you will have access to our Referral Partner Center. Your personalized commission links will be generated for you to share. You can embed these links on your own website or you can simply copy and paste and send to those interested in Block Therapy.

These links are tracked via cookies. If someone clicks on your link(s), it will cookie to their device. If purchased, you will start earning commissions.

We have an Affiliate Marketing Training Course which is designed to help you get familiar with your Referral Partner Center as well as tips on how to market and where to market Block Therapy.

This is how our Infinity 2 Tier Affiliate System works

Tier 1
You receive a 15% commission on any online Block Therapy programs you sell using your personalized affiliate link.

Tier 2
Any referral partner who signs up with you as their parent affiliate, you will receive a 5% commission from their online sales. 

Here is an example of how our referral partner center works. 

If Sarah sells to Joe, Sarah will earn a 15% commission. 

If Joe sells to Amanda, Joe will earn a 15% commission and Sarah will earn a 5% commission. 

Step 1 - Referral Partner Registration

Simply fill out this web form below and we will setup your account!

Please use the same email address as your Block Therapy login if applicable.
Step 2 - Referral Partner Login Details
Please do not add any spaces to your username creation.
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