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Begin supporting your fascia health today with this 9-part instructional video series. This series walks you through how to use just a towel as your tool to decompress your fascia for immediate relief and effect in just minutes.

FREE 9 Part Fascia Decompression Series

Consists of 9 videos in which Deanna Hansen shares the principles of fascia decompression using a rolled up towel as the tool. You will gain an understanding of fascia decompression and how significant it is to work in your fascia for on-going health and wellness.

Deanna walks you through positions to open the flow to improve oxygenation to cells, as well as strengthening exercises to pull your body back into better alignment. 

What You Will Learn

  • Connect to and strengthen your diaphragmatic breath and why it is so important for your health
  • Improve your posture by gaining control over your core
  • Improve blood and oxygen flow into your legs by release tension from your back
  • Align and strengthen the lower body to bring a sense of balance and symmetry to your legs
  • Release your lower legs - one of the main cause sites for everything in the body, even issues with headaches and shoulder pain
  • Improve range of motion and alignment in the shoulder blades
  • The importance of the alignment of the hands and it’s impact on the shoulder joints, and even the muscles of the upper back and neck

Get the FREE 9 Part Fascia Decompression Series

About Deanna Hansen

Deanna Hansen is a pioneer in the field of fascia decompression for physical and emotional transformation and a best-selling author in the wellness space. With more than 20 years of hands-on clinical experience, Deanna created Fluid Isometrics™ and Block Therapy™, unique fascia-release techniques to help relieve chronic pain and dis-ease, encourage healthy detoxification, and reverse the aging process.

With these simple, step-by-step protocols, you’ll combine diaphragmatic breathing and deep tissue work to release adhesions and scar tissue in the fascia, oxygenate cells, rebuild postural foundations, and, ultimately, reverse chronic structural and emotional issues.

When Deanna isn’t guiding thousands of eager students in the art of fascia decompression for optimal physical, mental, and emotional health, she’s writing best-selling books and sharing her life-changing expertise on other educational platforms.

Fascia Decompression Transformations

*Note: All participants have not changed their diet or exercise regime.*

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