To Straighten The Spine, You Have To Address The Limbs

Scoliosis is becoming more prevalent everyday. This is seen in the youth as well as the aging population. Part of the reason for this is the negative affect that technology is having on our posture - it is causing us to wind down and twist at a more rapid rate. 

The reason there has been little success treating this condition is that the rotated and twisted spine is the result of the limbs torquing on the body. If you pull each limb in a different direction, the mechanics of the pelvis, ribcage and spine adapt to handle these forces, causing scoliosis.

In order straighten the spine and re-align the pelvis and ribcage, the arms and legs need to be released from their negative alignment.

Let me explain.

There are 5 main topics that we will discuss. 

  1. Cause Sites vs Pain Sites
  2. Tissue Temperature
  3. Cellular Integration
  4. Posture
  5. Digestion and Detoxification

1. Cause Sites vs Pain Sites

Fascia connects every cell in the body. In order for cells to be properly aligned, posture and diaphragmatic breathing have to be observed and practiced. Without this, cells begin to migrate away from proper alignment.

As fascia is here to protect you, one of its functions is to keep you upright. As most aren’t conscious of posture or breath, compression occurs from tissue collapsing into the space inside the body. The result is a body off balance. Fascia will grip with a 2000 pound per square inch force to attempt stability, but unfortunately, it also blocks blood and oxygen flow from cells.

It is these grips that need to be addressed to free the body and create balance and symmetry. The calves and feet, and the forearms and hands that are the areas that are the most strongly held out of alignment, as this is the tissue the furthest from the heat source; the diaphragm muscle. Block Therapy addresses these cause sites to undo these negative forces, which release the spine, pelvis and ribcage from the continual and asymmetrical tension.

2. Tissue Temperature

The fascia requires a certain temperature for optimal flow of oxygen and nutrients to cells, as well as the removal of waste and toxins from cells. The diaphragm is like the body’s furnace; the upper chest muscles are like a space heater. In order for there to be flow to every cell, the furnace needs to be turned on at all times.

When fascia begins to cool, like ice compared to water it loses its flow and becomes dense and heavy. With scoliosis, this is readily seen in and around the spine, but it is also seen in the limbs – the real drivers of the curvatures.

Block Therapy teaches you to melt the blockages through increasing tissue temperature. This occurs through a combination of lying on the tool, the Block Buddy, and turning on the furnace.

3. Cellular Integration

Cellular migration occurs when cells move away from their rightful place under the influence of gravity, incorrect posture and unconscious breathing over time. The further the cell is from its home, the more pain it stores, as it is starved and dirty.

In the case of scoliosis, as mentioned the major cause sites are the limbs. The lower legs and feet, and forearms and hands are the furthest from the engine, the diaphragm, and as a result, this is where the fascia is the most frozen. This drags and twists the body, pulling the cells into this system of collapse. Even if multiple hours are spent working on the spine to attempt to straighten it, as soon as you walk or get back to your normal daily activity, your fascia will pull you back into the alignment that is held in the limbs.

The reason Block Therapy is successful at treating scoliosis is because we address the cause sites, the limbs, as well as the area of issue, in the case the spine, pelvis and ribcage.

4. Posture

Most people aren’t consciously aware of their posture - especially now with our dependency on technology. Without proper postural foundations, the body falls into its internal space causing compression and ballooning as well as cellular migration away from proper alignment.

We are like a building and require solid foundations to support our cells. Without this awareness, cells migrate away from their natural resting place and become cold, hard and dense. 

Block Therapy teaches you how to integrate the 3 main foundations:

  • Rooting
  • Conscious Breathing
  • Strengthening the tongue muscle to ensure you are supporting proper cell alignment.

All 3 foundations are necessary to integrate in order to hold the body in proper alignment and keep the spine straight.

5. Digestion & Detoxification

Keeping your internal space available allows for the most efficient digestion, absorption and removal of waste. The more space we can provide within, the more room there is for flow; both in and out.

With scoliosis, there is less space in the core for the abdominal organs. They will be squished and blocked from optimal functioning. This will add stress to the body, as you won’t be able to digest and absorb nutrients, or remove waste effectively.

Block Therapy focuses on strengthening the diaphragm to support the alignment of the ribcage, as well as promotes optimal absorption of oxygen, allowing compressed fascia to release and become properly fed and clean. The heating that occurs from turning on the furnace improves circulation in general and puts the body in a place of improved health.

Now that you have a more comprehensive understanding of your fascia system as it relates to scoliosis, you now have the knowledge for a new approach. You no longer have to live life feeling fear that your condition is going to get worse, but with the knowledge that you have a solution that is efficient, simple and affordable.

With this program you will gain:

  • The tools and understanding to address your cause sites, release pain and tension and re-align your pelvis, ribcage and spine.
  • Self-awareness
  • The ability to move with greater freedom
  • A newfound love and respect for your body
  • A healthy body both inside and out

We are here to make it really easy for you.

The fascia system connects you from head to toe. Ultimately, you need to address the entire system. With our Starter Package we have designed this program to target the full body in a easy to follow 9 day program, which you have life long.

With the assessment that is part of this program, you send me your photos so I can give you guidance through the starter program, and once you are ready, guide you to the best way to utilize your 14 day free trial. If continued guidance and support are needed, there are a variety of ways we can work together depending on the extent of your needs and concerns, and your desire to continue.

Unwind Your Scoliosis Naturally Similar To Blockers Like These...

Edna's Scoliosis Progress

The Block Therapy Starter Package

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Program Breakdown

Introductory and Explanatory Videos

This section welcomes you and gets you started with the fundamentals and rules of Block Therapy. 

  • How to use your Block safely
  • Fascia Education
  • Additional Explanatory Videos

9 Day Full Body Fascia Program

This 9 day introductory program is an ideal start to your Block Therapy practice. We share 9 different classes targeting the entire body with different durations. 

  • Day 1: 20 Minute Core Class
  • Day 2: 40 Minute Core Class
  • Day 3: Extended Core Class
  • Day 4: 20 Minute Lower Body Class
  • Day 5: 40 Minute Lower Body Class
  • Day 6: Extended Lower Body Class
  • Day 7: 20 Minute Upper Body Class
  • Day 8: 40 Minute Upper Body Class
  • Day 9: Extended Upper Body Class

Introductory Positions & Descriptions

This section shares pictures and descriptions of all the positions in the extended classes. This is a great way to do specific positions targeting whichever area of your body. Many people like to create their own program based on their needs and desires.

  • 19 Core Class Positions & Descriptions
  • 19 Pelvis & Legs Class Positions & Descriptions
  • 19 Head, Neck & Arms Class Positions & Descriptions

14 Day Block Therapy Membership Trial

When you have completed your 9 Day Full Body Fascia Program, you can then start your 14 Day Block Therapy Membership Trial. This is the library of all of Block Therapy's content organized so you can follow classes and programs to continually deepen and improve your Block Therapy practice.

One of the rules we instruct with Block Therapy is that you are always in control of your pain while on the Block. Your breath in your guide.

This means you can gauge how much pressure and pain you want to seek in your body to most effectively release the restrictions in your fascia.

We know you are going to enjoy this simple, efficient and empowering program.
Give your cells, and yourself the best gift of all - health!

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Some things you may ponder...

+ "But it's just a piece of wood..."

+ How is Block Therapy different than any other fascia modalities?

+ What if I am unable to exercise?

+ Is this a home program?

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