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The Starter Program lays the foundation for the transformative world of Block Therapy and fascia decompression.
It has empowered tens of thousands of people to conquer chronic pain, accelerate recovery, enhance performance, help manage size and shape, improve overall flow throughout the body for optimized health, and much more.

What's Included:

  • Block Buddy, Block Baby or both Blocks
  • Starter Program (lifetime access)
  • 12 Day Full Body Fascia Program
  • Beginner Positions & Descriptions
  • Conscious Walking Video
  • Free Monthly Classes
  • BONUS: Breast & Lung Health Intensive ($79 value)

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*It may take 2-3 weeks for your Block Buddy to be shipped.

Due to high demand our Starter Package with the Block Baby is currently not available for purchase. Please add your name to the waitlist if you would like to be notified when the Block Baby is back in stock.

What is the difference between the block buddy and the block baby?

Block Buddy™: Is an untreated bamboo or elm block uniquely designed to fit the contours of the body. Bamboo and elm is used because it shares a similar density to bone. The size, proportion and rounded corners are meticulously designed to accommodate most body types.  The Block Buddy™ is best for individuals over 5ft tall. 

Block Baby™: This is simply a smaller version of the Block Buddy™. The Block Baby™ best for individuals under 5 feet tall.

What is the block therapy membership?

The Block Therapy™ Membership is an online platform which allows you access to our full library of classes and programs. 

Inside the Block Therapy™ Membership, we have categorized our platform into different modules so you will be able to follow the content and find classes and programs that fit your health goals. This includes:

  • Multiple 15-30 minute classes targeting all areas of the body - beginner and advanced.
  • Multiple 60-90 minute classes targeting all areas of the body - beginner and advanced.
  • Multiple Daily Guided Programs (9 - 21 day programs) targeting the lower body, core, head, neck and face. Each day has suggested added content that will compliment your practice.
  • Block for Fitness - Rebuilding Your Postural Foundation; incorporating strength training by using the Block Buddy™ and resistance bands. 
  • Multiple postural videos with additional added content to support your Block Therapy™ practice

Each month we add new content so our members are up to date with the latest classes, series and programs.  

To purchase additional Blocks, you must login to your Block Therapy Central account.

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