Are you interested in trying a life changing practice without making a huge financial commitment?

This is the place to be.

Meet the Founder

Deanna Hansen is a Certified Athletic Therapist who has spent 50,000 hours working in the fascial system. She has helped thousands of people transform their bodies, and their lives….including her own.

“It is my goal to provide everything necessary to guide and support you on your Health and Healing Journey. We have amazing programs created for you, but if you are new to this and not sure where to start, this guided tour will get you going.”

For 1 month, you will receive multiple emails taking you through Block Therapy Members.

I systematically take you through a sequence of classes, exercises and programs to give you the biggest benefit for the least price. You will also be a part of the Private Facebook Community – for life – where our Teachers and Members are here to support you with any questions, concerns or points you want to share.

“I am on day 10 of the 21 day block blitz, and loving it! I lost 6 inches in 7 days. It’s unbelievable…incredible! I feel so much better too. I have had numerous abdominal/pelvic surgeries over the 10 years, and have felt that area was very tight and this is helping so much!”  ~Debi Hamilton

Block Therapy is a unique self-care bodywork system. It is only by doing that you can understand the profound benefits of this simple practice. This will give you a full body understanding of the fascia system and how to keep healthy as you age

 Join us for this month long trial and fall in love with your new best friend…

 The Block Buddy!

This is what you are going to receive:

1. Block Buddy – Your Therapeutic Tool

(only if you do not have)

2. Intro Video Series for Download

3 – 45 minute classes providing a full body practice.

3.Guided Emails bringing you through a tour of Block Therapy Members

4. Full Access to Block Therapy Members

(4 weeks access)

With Block Buddy

Only $148.95

If you already have a Block Buddy

Only $49

With Block Buddy

Only $148.95

If you already have a Block Buddy

Only $49

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