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Issues with digestion are rampant today. No wonder, there are many reasons affecting the health of our systems – the quality of the food we eat, the drinks we consume, and the stress we encounter to name a few. But one of the biggest reasons for issues with the gut is the lack of space in the belly to support the abdominal organs.

When you were young, you were likely told to sit up straight. Slouching didn’t look good. But there is so much more to keeping your body properly aligned than just for appearance. When organs are crowded, they don’t have the space to receive nutrients and do their job. 

Today, slouching is an even greater concern as technology has driven our posture into an extremely compressed and negative state. This adds far greater stress to the abdominal organs and affects digestion, absorption and elimination. What does this do . . . it causes pain and suffering.

Let me explain.

There are 5 main topics that we will discuss. 

  1. Diaphragmatic Breathing
  2. Tissue Temperature
  3. Cellular Migration
  4. Posture
  5. Digestion and Detoxification

1. Diaphragmatic Breathing

The diaphragm is the muscle designed to pull air into and out of the lungs. It is the floor to the heart and lungs and the ceiling to the abdominal organs. When this muscle is weak, the weight of the upper body squishes and displaces the organs, resulting in a lack of blood and oxygen, as well as a toxic and dirty environment.

Referring to the health of the gut, this is a problem. We need space for health

When the stomach, pancreas, liver and gall bladder don’t have what they need to function, our entire system is congested and full of inflammation. Without space, the area becomes cold and digestion and absorption are limited.

When the diaphragm is strong, there is not only room for the organs, there is a continual massage from the movement of this muscle. This heats the organs and keeps the flow optimal. This means they are properly fed and clean, which results in improved function and health.

2. Tissue Temperature

The fascia requires a certain temperature for optimal flow of oxygen and nutrients to cells, as well as the removal of waste and toxins from cells. The diaphragm is like the body’s furnace; the upper chest muscles are like a space heater. In order for there to be flow to every cell, the furnace needs to be turned on at all times.

When fascia begins to cool, like ice compared to water it loses its flow and becomes dense and heavy. If the diaphragm is weak, the frozen ribcage compresses into the belly and causes immense pressure and pain as it takes away the internal space, impairing the organs from performing their tasks.

Block Therapy teaches you to melt the cold, dense tissue allowing the pressure to be lifted. This occurs through a combination of lying on the tool, the Block Buddy, and turning on the furnace.

3. Cellular Migration

Cellular migration occurs when cells move away from their rightful place under the influence of gravity, incorrect posture and unconscious breathing over time. The further the cell is from its home, the more pain it stores, as it becomes starved and dirty.

In the case of gut health, when the ribcage collapses into the core, the organs become squished and pushed away from their rightful position. Adhesions develop to attempt to stabilize the body, causing an even greater issue as they further block blood and oxygen flow to cells, as well as keep the area congested and inflamed. 

Block Therapy melts the adhesions, strengthens the diaphragm and positions the body back to a more aligned posture. This allows the systems to resume with greater strength to support digestion, absorption and elimination – necessary for a healthy gut!


"My posture is already better, my digestion has improved and I’m already visibly improving the sculpting of my abdomen"

Sara A.

~ Certified Block Therapy Instructor


Amazing. Please try this. It is worth every penny. It is interesting and shows you your body in a whole different light. You start looking at others differently.

D Rai.
Block Therapy Enthusiast

4. Posture

Most people aren’t consciously aware of their posture - especially now with our dependency on technology. Without proper postural foundations, the body falls into its internal space causing compression and ballooning as well as cellular migration away from proper alignment.

We are like a building and require solid foundations to support our cells. Without this awareness, cells migrate away from their natural resting place and become cold, hard and dense. Block Therapy teaches you how to integrate the 3 main foundations: rooting, conscious breathing and strengthening the tongue muscle to ensure you are supporting proper cell alignment. This keeps the space in the body to support optimal organ function, which is crucial for a healthy gut.

5. Digestion & Detoxification

Keeping your internal space available allows for the most efficient digestion, absorption and removal of waste. The more space we can provide within, the more room there is for flow; both in and out.

In 2014 there was a study done that proved that 84% of weight loss comes through proper exhalation. This is because of the powerful removal of waste that this function provides. Referring to gut health, detoxification is of the utmost importance to ensure a healthy flow and minimize inflammation that becomes stagnant in the gut.

Read full article here

Block Therapy focuses on keeping the ribcage supported, removing stress and tension in the gut, as well as keeping the organs heated through the continual massage that comes from breathing diaphragmatically. This provides the space needed to allow the organs to function optimally.

Now that you have a more comprehensive understanding of your fascia system as it relates to gut health, you now have the knowledge for a new approach. You no longer have to live life with the pain and bloating being a distraction.

In this program you will gain:

  • The tools and understanding to release the tension and heal your gut
  • Self-awareness
  • A healthy system which translates to peace and ease within
  • A newfound love and respect for your body
  • A healthy body both inside and out

We are here to make it really easy for you.

The fascia system connects you from head to toe. Ultimately, you need to address the entire system. With our Starter Package we have designed this program to target the full body in a easy to follow 9 day program, which you have life long.

Once you have completed the program, you can start your complimentary 14 day trial to our Block Therapy Membership where all content is stored. Take advantage of our or the 21 Day Core and Ribcage program, the 21 day women’s health program, or the 21 day full body posture reset to get to the root of your issues, and heal your gut.

Improve Your Gut Health Similar To Other Blockers Like These...

*Note: All participants have not changed their diet or exercise regime.*

The Block Therapy Starter Package

Your personal login to Block Therapy Central, which includes:

  • Introductory & Explanatory Videos
  • 9 Day Full Body Fascia Program
  • Introductory Positions & Descriptions
  • 14 Day Block Therapy Membership Trial
  • Block Buddy, Block Baby or Package Deal

Program Breakdown

Introductory and Explanatory Videos

This section welcomes you and gets you started with the fundamentals and rules of Block Therapy. 

  • How to use your Block safely
  • Fascia Education
  • Additional Explanatory Videos

9 Day Full Body Fascia Program

This 9 day introductory program is an ideal start to your Block Therapy practice. We share 9 different classes targeting the entire body with different durations. 

  • Day 1: 20 Minute Core Class
  • Day 2: 40 Minute Core Class
  • Day 3: Extended Core Class
  • Day 4: 20 Minute Lower Body Class
  • Day 5: 40 Minute Lower Body Class
  • Day 6: Extended Lower Body Class
  • Day 7: 20 Minute Upper Body Class
  • Day 8: 40 Minute Upper Body Class
  • Day 9: Extended Upper Body Class

Introductory Positions & Descriptions

This section shares pictures and descriptions of all the positions in the extended classes. This is a great way to do specific positions targeting whichever area of your body. Many people like to create their own program based on their needs and desires.

  • 19 Core Class Positions & Descriptions
  • 19 Pelvis & Legs Class Positions & Descriptions
  • 19 Head, Neck & Arms Class Positions & Descriptions

14 Day Block Therapy Membership Trial

When you have completed your 9 Day Full Body Fascia Program, you can then start your 14 Day Block Therapy Membership Trial. This is the library of all of Block Therapy's content organized so you can follow classes and programs to continually deepen and improve your Block Therapy practice.

One of the rules we instruct with Block Therapy is that you are always in control of your pain while on the Block. Your breath in your guide.

This means you can gauge how much pressure and pain you want to seek in your body to most effectively release the restrictions in your fascia.

We know you are going to enjoy this simple, efficient and empowering program.
Give your cells, and yourself the best gift of all - health!

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  • Block Buddy
  • Starter Package
  • 9 Day Full Body Fascia Program
  • Introductory Positions & Descriptions
  • 14 Day Membership Trial
  • Free Monthly Facebook Live Classes
  • Access to Block Therapy Community
  • Postural Ergonomics
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  • Block Buddy
  • Block Baby
  • Starter Package
  • 9 Day Full Body Fascia Program
  • Introductory Positions & Descriptions
  • 14 Day Membership Trial
  • Free Monthly Facebook Live Classes
  • Access to Block Therapy Community
  • Postural Ergonomics

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+ What if I am unable to exercise?

+ Is this a home program?

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