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Take Fascia Decompression To The Next Level
9 Instructional Videos For Only $9!

Deanna and Quinn will share with you how to take fascia decompression
and foundation strengthening to the next level.

Fascia is a huge buzzword in the health and wellness industry: it is the connective tissue that supports every system and function in the body.

When dealing with the fascia system, the adhesions are what cause pain, aging and disease due to a lack of blood and oxygen flow to the cells. In the Block Therapy Sampler Program we address the adhesions. This results in a healthier body overall and you will see an improvement in function, appearance and energy levels to name a few.

When it comes to addressing the fascia system, we need to address the body as a whole. The Block Therapy Sampler Program consists of 9 videos for $9. Each video is approximately 8-20 minutes in duration and all you need is your bodyweight and a towel.

This is for you if you want to: 

  • Take the first steps to understanding to become your own health care advocate 
  • Learn and apply fascia decompression techniques throughout your entire body
  • Learn unique exercises to rebuild and strengthen your postural foundations for the lower body, core and upper body 

Program Breakdown:

Day 1
You will learn the Belly position which will teach you to connect to your diaphragmatic breath. 

Day 2
You will learn 2 additional positions with the belly position to release the tension around the ribcage.

Day 3
You will learn how to brace the core and direct your breath as you continue to strengthen the diaphragm. Having control over your core brings a sense of confidence to your movements and improves your posture.

Day 4
You will learn positions to lengthen the hip flexors. This will release tension form the back and improve blood and oxygen flow into the legs.

Day 5
You will learn how to align and strengthen the lower body. This will bring a sense of balance and symmetry to your legs, with additional exercise to strengthen the glutes.

Day 6
You will learn how to release the calves. The lower legs are one of the main cause sites for everything in the body, even issues with headaches and shoulder pain.

Day 7
You will learn how to address the armpits to release adhesions in the shoulders that affect range of motion. 

Day 8
You will learn an exercise to engage proper alignment for the shoulder blades.

Day 9
You will learn how to release and realign the hands. Everything in the body is connected, and the alignment of the hands has a direct impact on the shoulder joints, and even the muscles of the upper back and neck. 

Structure Of Program:

You will receive your own login to where the Sampler Program is stored. There are daily reminder emails that you can activate to help guide you through the program for optimal results.

You go at your own pace.
After each day, you will mark the lesson as complete prior to beginning the next class. This will help you track your progress which you can reset at any time.

For less than $10 you can take action and see improvements in your
health and wellbeing today! 

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