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Why is FASCIA important for Your golf Game?

The fascia system is our connective tissue that holds our entire body together. If we don't treat our fascia correctly, this inhibits our range of motion and eventually causes us pain. This system holds all structures and systems in our body together - if we don't take care of our fascia, our fascia won't take care of us.

In the Block Therapy Fore Golf program we help you release restrictions in the fascia to improve your range of motion, improve your mobility and to help you get out of pain so you can play your best golf ever, regardless of your age. If your body can’t get into the proper swing motion all those lessons and practice just won’t work. 

Block Therapy was founded by Deanna Hansen in 2010. She is an athletic therapist by profession and now Block Therapy as her main focus. She has helped tens of thousands of people around the globe get out of chronic pain, reverse scoliosis, improve mobility and to help optimize the human body to its full potential.

We have taken her practice and combined it with the sport that needed it most.... the game of golf.

What happens over time due to poor posture, stress, illness, surgery, and even gravity's effect on the body, is the fascia can become “stuck” or glued to the surrounding tissue, creating knots and adhesions. This blocks blood and oxygen flow to that area and the result is pain, reduced function and poor mobility. This can restrict muscle function and ability to move properly through the swing motion.

How many times have you felt low back pain, knots in your upper back and shoulders, tight hamstrings, hip or knee pain? What about plantar fasciitis in your foot? This is your fascia calling out for help!

You won’t be able to move through the proper swing motion if your body mobility is restricted.

Block Therapy Fore Golf provides unique training of the fascia system in your body to help decompress stuck fascia and improve your mobility to gain more freedom in your body and your golf swing!

Improve Mobility, Reduce Pain and Swing with Ease


The base foundation of good golf comes down to mobility and how the body is able to move from head to toe. If we are compressed and immobile in certain areas of our body, our golf swing is compromised which causes other areas of our body to compensate for this, leading to inconsistent golf. 

Poor posture and the lack of correct movement creates density in our fascia system. One main cause is a sedentary lifestyle. You will learn how to decompress each area of your body through the Block Therapy classes. Combined with the golf drills and exercises, this will get your golf swing moving efficiently and with ease.


Many golfers have aches and pains when they play golf. Pain isn’t something to fear, but rather something to understand. Pain is your body’s way of communicating that something needs attention – like a crying baby. The key to getting rid of pain is to understand what causes it.

There are pain sites and cause sites. You will learn how to address both to get to the root of the problem to effectively manage and or eliminate your pain through our guided process and proper action. You will become a pain-seeker, taking the fear out of the equation and allowing you to see pain for the value it provides. Reducing or eliminating pain in your body will help improve your golf swing.


The ability to swing with ease stems from proper posture, proper breathing and good mobility. This program brings all of that together to help you swing with ease.

Releasing chronic pain and improving your mobility will give you more freedom of movement in your swing. You’ll improve your strength and flexibility so that you can move your body in the proper swing sequence. You’ll be able to generate easy speed and power to add yards to your golf shots.

The Science of Block Therapy

how does this system work? How are we going to accomplish these results?

Block Therapy is a self care bodywork practice that specifically targets the fascia system (connective tissue).

This practice involves laying on our bamboo or elm Block in various positions throughout the body combined with conscious diaphragmatic breathing to release the compression in fascia. As we go through life there are constant forces and struggles that affect us; our posture, injuries, unconscious breathing, emotions, trauma, surgeries... the list goes on. Our body has the innate ability to heal, however as a result scar tissue and compression accumulate which ultimately cause us pain, weight gain, aging and disease.

When we work on keeping our fascia system healthy, the benefits are endless, including improving our golf swing and playing our best golf ever!

There is a proven 3-step process to create change in your body and your golf swing:

3 Pillars Vid for LP

1. Blocking/Breathing

The act of Blocking works to create space in the body through the added pressure overtime in each position. You will be using a specifically designed tool to fit in the contours of your body. This process will address the entire body, specifically by targeting cause sites to your pain and issues.

This helps to pull in up to 6x the oxygen absorption by drawing the air to the base of the lungs. Increased oxygenation is crucial for overall health and vitality. Activating the diaphragm muscle helps to strengthen the core and massages our abdominal organs, creating internal heat which compliments the release created by Blocking. This also connects us to a parasympathetic state (relaxed) to help with stress, anxiety and overall healing as you’re in a rest and recovery state. This is most beneficial on the golf course, helping you stay calm under pressure, with more focus and better concentration.

2. Golf Drills for mobility and pattern of movement

The golf drills combined with the blocking work to enhance your mobility and correct pattern of movement in the golf swing. Now that you have released restrictions in your body these golf drills will reinforce how your body should move through the swing motion. Consistent practice over time will help cement the proper movement and allow you to create your own natural swing. 

3. Strengthening your foundations in the new alignment to maintain your new golf swing

Once you have created your new foundation for your golf swing, you will want to maintain your new alignment through the drills and exercises provided. Understanding and building on your new alignment is crucial to cement all the work we have done on the Block. This will prevent us from falling back into incorrect alignment which causes issues in the body such as pain, inflammation, compromised flow of systems and inconsistent golf swing and poor golf shots. Incorporating the golf drills and exercises will help you accelerate your Block practice and achieve lasting results.

The Block Therapy process has been tested and proven by thousands of people around the world.

“Thanks to your program and my dedication to freeing my body with the block, the daily swing drills and exercise…..this last week I hit a milestone in golfing. I shot 84 - yes it was 18 holes, and yes it was on a real course not mini-golf -haha! Thanks heaps for showing me how to free up my body! This works!!”

Helen Wheeler Jacobs

My golf game is happening! I am now at a point where I am walking 18 holes (as you know I had to take a cart before because of so much pain in my right leg). I do blocking after every game and when I wake up in the morning I am ready to go for another 18! Amazing!! Thank you so much for this program!

Marc Lacroix

"I began working on the game of golf later in life and was dealing with a number of health issues that were restricting my mobility. This program provided the perfect balance of fascia release, swing mechanics and physical training needed for my game improvement, and more importantly, for my game enjoyment! The program experience was life changing!"

Karen Yamada

Beyond playing better golf, our community is also experiencing:

  • Improved mobility
  • Anti-aging
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Superior gut health
  • Improvement in scoliosis
  • Enhanced performance and recovery

Meet Your Instructors

Barry Gibson
PGA of Canada Golf Professional
TPI Certified
Dr. Kwon Golf Biomechanics Certified

Co-Founder of Over50Golf

Barry will lead you through some key golf drills and movements for improving your golf swing pattern of motion.

Tammy Gibson
Block Therapist
Fascia Fitness Trainer
Yoga For Golfers Certified

Co-Founder of Over50Golf

Tammy will assist with the block therapy classes as well as lead you through some exercises to further improve your mobility in the golf swing.

Quinn Castelane
VP of Block Therapy
Lead Block Therapist

Personal Trainer

Quinn will bring you through the series of Block Therapy classes as well as some strength training exercises.

What does it look like when you sign up? Here’s what’s inside:

  • Introduction to Program
  • 9 Day Program Including:
  • Block Therapy Classes
  • Golf Drills
  • Strengthening Exercises


  • 14 Day Block Therapy Membership Trial (no credit card required)

Program Breakdown

Introduction to Program

This section welcomes you and gets you started with the fundamentals and rules of Block Therapy.

  • Welcome to Block Therapy Fore Golf
  • Fascia Education
  • Healing Crisis Explained
  • How to Handle a Rib Release

9 Day Program

This 9 day program is an ideal start to Block Therapy for your golf game. We share 9 different days of classes targeting the entire body with different durations.

  • Day 1: Core Stability
    • Baseline Assessment
    • Introduction to Core Foundation
    • Block Therapy Class | Core & Ribcage
    • 1 Golf Drill
    • 1 Exercise
  • Day 2: Proper Posture
    • Introduction to Posture
    • Block Therapy Class | Posture
    • 3 Golf Drills
    • 1 Exercise
  • Day 3: Good Footwork
    • Introduction to Feet, Ankles & Calves
    • Block Therapy Class | Feet, Ankles & Calves
    • 4 Golf Drills
    • 1 Exercise
  • Day 4: Hip Rotation
    • Introduction to Hip Rotation
    • Block Therapy Class | Hip Rotation
    • 4 Golf Drills
    • 2 Exercises
  • Day 5: Thoracic Rotation
    • Introduction to Thoracic Rotation
    • Block Therapy Class | Thoracic Rotation
    • 3 Golf Drills
    • 1 Exercise
  • Day 6: Shoulder Rotation
    • Introduction to Shoulder Rotation
    • Block Therapy Class | Shoulder Rotation
    • 1 Golf Drill
    • 3 Exercises
  • Day 7: Wrists & Hands
    • Introduction to Wrists & Hands
    • Block Therapy Class | Wrists & Hands
    • 3 Golf Drills
    • 1 Exercise
  • Day 8: Psoas & Low Back
    • Introduction to Psoas & Low Back
    • Block Therapy Class | Psoas & Low Back
    • 1 Golf Drill
    • 1 Exercise
  • Day 9: Body Swing-Connection - Bringing it all Together
    • Post Assessment
    • Bringing it all Together
    • Wrap Up

14 Day Block Therapy Membership Trial (no credit card required)

When you have completed your 9 Day Block Therapy Fore Golf Program, you can then start your 14 Day Block Therapy Membership Trial. This gives you full access to the entire library of classes in the Block Therapy membership. The content is organized so you can follow classes and programs to continually deepen and improve your Block Therapy practice.

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Block Therapy Transformations

*Note: All participants have not changed their diet or exercise regime.*

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