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Fluid Isometrics for couples

Join Deanna Live for a Virtual Class

Join Deanna and experience this live intensive in the comfort of your own home. One of the best parts about doing guided Block Therapy with Deanna is the instruction comes from the moment to moment sensations as you dive deep into the layers of fascia.

Fluid isometrics For Couples

Fluid Isometrics for Couples is a 3 part series – 2 hours each – teaching you and another how to do Fluid Isometrics. This can be you and your spouse, family member, friend or even a teammate. As long as you don’t mind being in physical contact, you can partner with anyone you choose.

Each class will share how to work a certain section of the body. The best part is that it is simple to do and highly efficient at creating change to your fascia system. Just like Block Therapy, the benefits are far reaching. Even better, you and your partner will learn the techniques and areas of the body to work to create the best results targeting pain, aging, disease and weight issues.

The class will be taught with you on the floor but can also be done on a bed for greater comfort. Although like Block Therapy, the floor offers a harder surface to allow deeper access to your body.

To have your partner, friend or family member help you heal and become healthier will strengthen the bond and bring you closer together. Not only will this class benefit your physical body but will also strengthen communication and appreciation.

Cost: $229

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