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​What is Fascia?

​Fascia is the tissue connecting every single one of our 100 trillion cells.

​What is Block Therapy?

​Block Therapy is designed to melt through restrictions in fascia tissue caused from aging, injury and surgery. The student lies over a therapeutic tool called the Block Buddy. The combination of body weight, gravity and diaphragmatic breathing creates a heating effect that melts through restrictions, improving blood and oxygen flow to cells.

​The Three Components of Block Therapy

Create Space - Creating space in the body and melting through restrictions in the tissue is important for correcting posture and improving blood and oxygen flow to the cells, keeping them fed and clean.

​Inflate Space - Instruction of proper diaphragmatic breathing turns on the internal furnace optimizing the melting of adhesions in the tissue. In fact, diaphragmatic breathing increases oxygenation in tissue up to 6x.

​Maintain Space - Understanding how to use your body properly and strengthen correct foundation is crucial to maintaining proper cellular alignment. Block Therapy addresses this to give you a full body program and teaches you how to bring proper posture into daily activity.

​Meet ​Lesley

​Block Therapy Instructor
In Training

​Certified Natural Health Consultant, ​Certified Facilitator, BodyTalk Access Technician


​As life was unfolding I was experiencing some issues in my hands (trigger finger and nerve issues) that threatened to interfere with the joy and freedom of movement that make me feel so alive.  At the time I was a stone sculptor but found it increasingly painful to work on a piece for even short periods of time.  I had tried physio therapy, heat treatments, homeopathy, many different anti-inflammatory diets, cortisone shots, hand braces and finally, in desperation, hand surgery.  My condition was not improving.

I am passionate about taking responsibility for my life whether it be my physical and mental wellbeing or my spiritual and personal growth.  It is all connected to me and I knew the pain was somehow an effect and not the cause, so my journey began to search for a natural healing modality that would help uncover the underlying source of my pain.   I kept asking the question,  “How can I support my body in facilitating the healing process?”. ​I think what happened next was a result of daily writing in my gratitude journal.

Then I was introduced to Block Therapy when a friend sent me Deanna’s book “Fascia Decompression – The Missing Link in Self-Care”.  I couldn’t put it down and reread it a second and third time.  I loved the fact that it was a science based, results-oriented system.  I am so grateful to Deanna for her work.

The practice of Block Therapy is literally becoming the underpinning for my own healing and I am so excited at the prospect of sharing this knowledge and way of life with others in order to support and facilitate their own journey – whether it be for healing or body esthetics.  A wonderful bonus is that through Blocking I am uncovering areas in my body that are restricted and could have, in time, resulted in health issues.  My ultimate goal is to become a Block Therapist.

​Meet ​Deanna, the ​Founder

Founder of Block Therapy
Founder of Fluid Isometrics
Certified Athletic Therapist

Deanna Hansen is a Certified Athletic Therapist and founder of Fluid Isometrics™ and Block Therapy™, a bodywork practice that is meditation, exercise and therapy all in one. Deanna began her practice as an Athletic Therapist in 1995, always focusing on deep tissue work. She built up a thriving practice, as her strong hands could work out the deep knots in tissue.

In 2000, Deanna experienced a major breakthrough. Her large, heavy body stored much pain and she felt weighed down and depressed. While experiencing the worst of a series of anxiety attacks, Deanna intuitively pushed her hand into her abdomen and, at that moment, began a path of self-discovery. In a short period of time, Deanna’s body began to change. The weight was dropping, the chronic pain and issues were improving and, most importantly, the depression and anxiety disappeared. She immediately began applying this to her existing patients and the results were immediate and outstanding.

For 14 more years, Deanna owned clinics where she practiced her new technique. In 2006, as word was spreading of the benefits of Fluid Isometrics™, she began teaching other therapists. It took time to create a language to transfer her wisdom she developed through her hands. This continues to be an ongoing and evolving challenge as the connective tissue called fascia remains a mystery to many people. Deanna considers herself blessed working with countless individuals, who have had remarkable improvements healing current and past injuries and overcoming pain, stress and anxiety. It’s been a combination of transforming her own body, her life and working with others that gives Deanna such a rich understanding of the fascia.

Deanna’s journey working with individuals has been very rewarding. Yet her true passion is to teach people how to self-care. Developed from personal practice and exploration, Deanna knows that teaching individuals to self-care is of far greater benefit than giving people a treatment. Fluid Isometrics™ Block Therapy™ is the solution. Deanna has taken what she did in the treatment room and translated it into a self-help practice using a handcrafted cedar wooden block, called the Block Buddy™. This simple, efficient, and inexpensive approach is gaining credibility as people around the world are experiencing the benefits of the Block Buddy™ and sharing with others.

​Block Therapy Programs & Products

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​Breathe and Believe

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