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A Simple And Efficient Exercise To Decompress Your Core, Access Your Diaphragm And Connect To Your Proper Breath To Manage Your Stress And Anxiety

Stress is a destructive force on the body and can cause many symptoms and pains. Longterm, this can drastically affect your health. Stress causes us to reactively hold the breath, limiting oxygen absorption, as well as waste removal. The results are cells not properly fed and clean. This in turn will lead to a compression and ballooning of the tissues in the body, and toxicity from a slowing down of the systems.

This video shares how to strengthen the breath and release the adhesions that have built up in the abdomen from years of stress, resulting in cells that are more efficiently fed and clean. Overall, this changes gut health, reduces anxiety, improves sleep and strengthens the immune system. It only takes 5 minutes per day to notice changes. Enjoy this simple approach to lasting change as you learn to turn on this amazing mechanism in the body which has lasting health and beauty benefits.

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