Adrienne Chase

Block Therapy Success Story

The whole entire trip - I went “Wow!” Absolutely no problems whatsoever. I felt strong and I felt balanced. 

~ Adrienne Chase

Block Therapy Enthusiast

"My name is Adrienne Chase and I am a real estate agent in Grand Prairie Alberta and I have two children and a husband.

First my feet are very problematic. I’ve had a lot of nerve pain running down the right side of my leg from my knee down to my calf and over and under my foot. I wanted to address that. I’ve had some hip issues through the pelvis as well as the lower back. Any of those things - if I could make any change - I was really hoping for it.

It caused a lot of problems and pain - I really like to walk and be active. Through that it was increasingly getting more uncomfortable and more painful. I’d end up massaging my legs and my feet quite often which didn’t seem to do much. It felt good at the time but it wasn’t enough to make a change. My lower back would keep me up mostly at night time, so my lower back was a problem and adjusting through the hips and the pelvis which was interfering with the sciatic nerve and leg pain. It interfered pretty much daily. Especially the night time nocturnal rest. Getting sleep was very difficult.

The one big thing that I have to say that I noticed right off - through my sciatic issues, that nerve damage from the knee down to the foot, it was getting radiating pain. After the 90 days - honestly it stopped. The more that I focused on the lower extremities though the calf and the foot, it just sort of alleviated that discomfort. Working on that sciatic, going through the psoas region made a difference just honestly to adjusting through my pelvis and my hips and affected my lower back - coming right through my lower back and running right down that right side of my leg. It all just sort of dissolved or disappeared. Now I’m not in pain and I’m not uncomfortable. I definitely noticed that after those 90 days of working on it. I never used to be able to lay down comfortably. Now I can lay down and have that happy contented I’m in bed kind of feeling - which I hadn’t had in years. It’s so wonderful!

The one thing that is really remarkable to me is that I had tried snowshoeing in the past and it was so uncomfortable through the pelvic region. I couldn’t go very far. I was lucky if I went 2 kilometres or so. Even walking or hiking. Anything to lift my feet up and take a step ahead - that area would be so terribly uncomfortable and would radiate around my hips and lower back as well. It’s remarkable. 2 weeks ago I went for an 11.5 kilometre snowshoe and it wasn’t until the the last 500 meters of that entire trip that I felt any sense of discomfort. It was minimal and I could still keep moving. The whole entire trip - I went “Wow!” Absolutely no problems whatsoever. I felt strong and I felt balanced.

I Block in the morning and I Block also again in the afternoon. I sit on my Block often just to get that sense of balance through my pelvis and to try and make it even. I am very mindful - this is another thing about Block Therapy - I am very very mindful of my posture. I sit up taller, I sit up straighter, I make sure my legs aren’t crossed, I sit with my feet flat on the floor and I’m very mindful of pulling my shoulders back and down. That is because of Block Therapy just drawing attention and bringing focus to my posture while I’m sitting. I sit a lot. It’s still a bit of a struggle but I am definitely mindful and aware of what I need to do to fix it.

As I mentioned before with that sciatic nerve pain - it got damaged in 2017 and it doesn’t go away. Based on that I would probably still be in a lot of discomfort. Radiating pain right from my knee down the outside of my leg - if I hadn’t had Block Therapy to help manipulate that fascia I would probably still be in pain every day. It was terrible. That would be a really acute episode that Block Therapy helped me immensely with. I would probably still be exactly where I was then if I hadn’t had Block Therapy available to me.

Movement with yoga is wonderful - and the breath work of course. Consciously manipulating the body, moving and shifting on the Block with the breath work is really ideal to create change. Yoga is a fluid motion and you’re moving with that breath but you aren’t consciously making a change. With Block Therapy you have to consciously focus and draw attention to that and how it is changing and that pain that it creates is making change. Yoga doesn’t really work in such a manner. I think there is just such a drastic difference between the two. Even though there is breath work with both of them, Block Therapy just is more affective for sure. Yoga didn’t help me with that.

I haven’t been to physio for a while - thankfully, thats kind of great! I really like my physiotherapist but I am kind of grateful not to be there. I do get massage for my lower extremities - I still struggle with some cramping and tightness through the thighs, glutes and hamstrings. But I am getting on that Block and it sure is making a difference. Last week I got on the Block and I actually had to do my shoulders and upper back versus my lower back because I just didn’t need the attention there. I do see a massage therapist now and again but only because I like it!

Get on the Facebook page and read through the testimonials. So much inspiration! It’s been amazing reading about some of the changes that people have had through Block Therapy. I have experienced change - don’t get me wrong. They have experienced massive changes where as mine are minute and over long periods of time which is fantastic. But they are seeing drastic changes. Mine is good - don’t get me wrong it has been fantastic. I’m just saying that my experience has been great but you should read other people’s as well because its not just me! It’s such an amazing process for so many people who are really struggling. I would never hesitate to say to give it a try. You don’t know until you try. If you are struggling from any chronic issues at all, why would you not? It would be an amazing step to take and likely you"

~ Adrienne Chase

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