Block Therapy Teachers

We are excited to be continually adding new instructors to our team. This list will be consistently updated as we continue to certify more ​Block Therapy ​teachers across the globe. Check out our Class Map Here, to find a class near you!

The online Fluid Isometrics Block Therapy Teacher Training program is live and available to anyone with an internet connection and a passion to be involved in the movement to empower people to become their own health advocates.  To learn about becoming a Certified Block Therapy Instructor or Therapist, click here!

  • ​Instructors
  • ​Therapists

​Deanna Hansen

​Winnipeg, ​Manitoba

​​Founder of Fluid Isometrics &
Block Therapy, Athletic Therapist

Quinn Castelane

​Winnipeg, ​Manitoba

​​VP of Block Therapy
Lead Block Therapist ​

Heather Whitla

Heather Whitla

​Winnipeg, ​Manitoba

​​​Lead Block Therapist & Coach,
and Final Evaluator for B​TU

Rachael Aberle

​​Rachael Aberle

​Abaco, Bahamas

​Block Therapist, ​Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor, Body Talk Practitioner

​Shelley Elhatton

​Winnipeg, ​Manitoba

​Block Therapist
Holistic Nurse Practitioner

Fibro Warrior

Joanne Holt

​Joanne Holt

​Winnipeg, MB & Bucerias, Mexico

​Block Therap​ist, Personal Trainer,
​Group Fitness, ​Nutrition and Wellness Consultant

​Lea Stillinger

​Montr​éal, Quebec

​Block Therapist

​Edna Guzm​án

​Lares, Puerto Rico

​Block Therapist