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Puerto Rico

United States


Deanna Hansen

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Founder of Fluid Isometrics &
Block Therapy, Athletic Therapist

Quinn Castelane

Winnipeg, Manitoba

VP of Block Therapy
Lead Block Therapist

Heather Whitla

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Lead Block Therapist & Coach,
and Final Evaluator for BTU

Shelley Elhatton

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Block Therapist, Fibro Warrior,
Holistic Nurse Practitioner

Joanne Holt

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Block Therapist, Personal Trainer,
Nutrition & Wellness Consultant

Penka Thompson

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Block Therapy Instructor,
Executive Assistant to Deanna

Lea Stillinger

Montréal, Quebec

Certified Block Therapy Teacher and Therapist
Registered Reflexologist RCRT
Franklin Method fascia release trainer
AB Adaptive BodyWorks

Lea's Bio

My name is Lea Stillinger. I work in both Montreal,Que and Vancouver BC. I was certified as a teacher in Block Therapy 2014, then certified as a Block Therapy Therapist in 2016. I am the owner of Montreal Block Therapy. My passion for fascia has continued to take me down many roads.
I am a RAC Registered Reflexologist RCRT, Craniosacral Reflexologist: Functional Brain, Certified Franklin Method Fascia Release Trainor pelvic floor, Adaptive BodyworksI to name a few. Plus I continue to dive deep into the world of fascia to help me understand and unlock bodies stuck in pain or low levels of performance.

Why do I block? I was stuck in a body and brain damaged by a car crash and multiply falls on icy concrete sidewalks. I found myself in a loop of constantly re-injuring myself if I attempted to turn the tides of my then sedentary life.Tried all the traditional therapies for 2 years. Ugggh. I saw the Block Therapy website in my quest for help and flew to take 3 private sessions with the BT founder Deanna in 2014, even took my kids for appointments. I signed up for her newly launched teacher training. I did it to make me follow through because I felt a shift after the 3 sessions. Over the year I was essentially rewired and the pain and confusion in my body steadily melted away. My curiosity wanted more and then Deanna started her BTU therapist program on how to assess and untangle the stuck patterns of compensation and pain. Answers with results, I certified as a therapist in 2016 and am still happily teaching how to melt, unwind fascia and watching the spark of joy light up on peoples faces as they feel their bodies' resilience and mobility return.
And I could return to beekeeping (kinda similar to weight lifting in the strength needed to be steady with those buzzy supers), permaculture, swimming, dancing - I trust my body again.
Deanna and Quinn have built the Block Therapy fascia release program to include strength training and alignment correction and I have rediscovered length, mobility, strength, I even found my waist!
My wellness philosophy has always been holistic in nature, seeing we are more than just symptoms. My goal is to listen, recognize imbalances in need of release, and then nurture the healing that follows. Whether it is fascia release, reflexology, cranio sacral or a combination in each session I hope to:
Empower your curiosity to engage with your own healing.Challenge you to feel the changes in your body physically, emotionally and mentally as we work.Show you how to hold those changes and build on returning to your strength, alignment and confidence in your body.My purpose is to bring together customized modalities for each individual and the ease of healing in a world of constant change.

Available for sessions in Montreal PQ and Vancouver BC, just call 514 962 2830 for a private assessment and release session (with or without an outdoor sauna in Montreal:) Also you can buy blocks directly at the Montreal studio today and get started with online classes immediately. BTW I coach on how best to personalize the tremendous Block Therapy online library of classes for your body goals.

Susan Livingstone

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Block Therapy Instructor,
SPRA Aqua Fitness Instructor

Jana Danielson

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Block Therapy Instructor,
Pilates Instructor,
Owner of LEAD Pilates

Kelly Button

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Block Therapy Instructor,
Pilates Instructor,
Nutritious Movement Certified

Desiree Deis

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Block Therapy Instructor,
Pilates Instructor

Tally Young

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Block Therapy Instructor,
Yoga Teacher

Kristine Wattis

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Block Therapy Instructor

Kayla Bennett

Oak Bluff, Manitoba

Block Therapy Instructor

Joan Jasper

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Block Therapy Instructor

Beata Maly

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Block Therapy Instructor

Myrna Irwin

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Block Therapy Instructor

Leah Roche

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Block Therapy Instructor

Victoria Goodman

Innisfil/Barrie, Ontario

Block Therapy Instructor,
Bowen Therapist, Spa Owner

Tammy Gibson

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Certified Block Therapist
Certified Fascia Fitness Trainer
Certified YOGABODY Breath Coach
Certified Jack Canfield Success Principles Trainer
In-training Yoga for Golfers Instructor

Tammy's Bio

I’ve been a coach and competitive amateur golfer for the past 30 years, loving to compete to the best of my ability, and I’ve had a fair bit of success being a five-time provincial amateur golf champion and ten-time national championship participant.

My Block Therapy journey began through my struggles with chronic back, hip and shoulder pain from playing competitive golf. Many other treatments and therapies, while helpful, did not provide lasting relief whereas Block Therapy made the difference! I quickly found lasting relief from my chronic pain, increased my range of motion, and improved my golf game! As soon as I experienced these results, I knew this was something special and wanted to share it with others.

I am now a Block Therapist and co-owner of Over50Golf with my golf pro husband where we specialize in helping middle-aged golfers struggling with back pain, poor mobility, and other related health issues to feel better, move better and play better. I have been able to combine my love for golf and Block Therapy into a way to help other golfers who have the same struggles I had. I am also a certified Breath Coach, Fascia Fitness Trainer and Jack Canfield Success Principles Trainer.

Throughout my life experiences, I’ve learned that you can’t change what’s going on around you until you start changing what’s going on within you.

You can reach me at

Tami Le Poidevin

Penticton, British Columbia

Block Therapy Instructor
Block Therapist
Fluid Isometrics & Block Therapy Body Worker
Massage Practitioner

Tami's Bio

Tami came to Block Therapy with a background in massage and immediately connected with how Block Therapy worked and what a powerful tool it could be. In 2018 she became a Block Therapy Instructor and Bodyworker, in 2019 she became a Certified Block Therapist and Fluid Isometrics Bodyworker.

Tami uses a combination of Fluid Isometrics, Block Therapy, and deep tissue massage in her sessions with clients to help them remove pain and restrictions in their body. She also teaches Block Therapy classes in Penticton, BC and on Zoom.

Tami is also passionate about spending time with her family, friends and dog especially hiking in the hills or paddle boarding whenever possible.

Garnie Ross

Cartwright, Manitoba

Block Therapy Instructor, Personal Trainer,
Fibro Warrior

Kelly Jones

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Block Therapy Instructor,
CTI trained Life Coach

Carol Olynyk

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Block Therapist,
Shiatsu Therapist

Carol's Bio

I have been a therapist for over 10 years. I believed if we could be in perfect posture/alignment we would be happy and healthier. I had so many questions that nobody could answer for me, until I met Deanna.
When I was introduced to Block Therapy, I was instantly hooked, and quickly signed up to be a teacher. I felt this was a great tool to help align us. I then went through the Block Therapist program where Deanna answered all my questions and taught me so much more! I feel as though Block Therapy is the last ‘block’ to my puzzle!
I’m so excited to be part of the Block Therapy community. I'd be honored to help you on your journey!

Email: carololynyk@gmail.com

Cassidy Papaioannou

West St. Paul, Manitoba

Block Therapy Instructor,
Pilates Instructor

Wende Fahey

Calgary, Alberta

Block Therapist
Spiritual Empowerment Expert

Wende's Bio

I swear I have been the most hesitant Blocker ever!

I was introduced to Block Therapy in March 2018. I was helping my girlfriend, Victoria Goodman, become a Block Therapy Instructor, by being her student model. I cannot tell you I loved Block from the beginning. Truth be told, I dreaded it SO. MUCH. My body was in rough shape, full of trapped inflammation, pain and emotional trauma. It hurt so damn much when I started that I wondered why anyone would voluntarily put themselves through this. When she received her certification, I was ecstatic! No more Block Therapy!

And then………..
Victoria asked me to do a three month assessment with her. I will admit to rolling my eyes before saying I would help.
It wasn't until I did that 3 month daily challenge that I started to notice the difference that Block was making in my life. I was more calm, more focused. My body hurt less and started to move more fluidly. In 3 months, I had some pretty dramatic changes and realignment happen!
Slowly but surely, my pain started to decrease. I started to notice the changes going on in my body. I learned I could control my headaches and migraines without chiropractic help. Speaking of the chiro, I haven’t seen one since October 2018!!

Over the last many years, I have been reversing my chronic pain conditions, to the point I was able to end a 20 year cannabis habit. I used cannabis for pain and mental health issues. Thanks to the Block, I no longer need to use any medications to make my days more manageable. I am happier, healthier and empowered!

If you are seeking 1:1 Block coaching, feel free to reach out. As a Block Therapist, I can help you unwind your chronic issues and regain your own personal empowerment. My husband and I reversed prostate cancer using the Block and fascial releases with my hands. Incredible, right?

I am also a Spiritual Empowerment Expert with over 20 years in the spiritual realm. Energy is my first language and helping people understand that energy is their birthright is my life's work. Be sure to take a look at my website for ways to work with me energetically.

I believe that when you align your cells, you align your life and free yourself from those things that are holding you back.

Breathe and Believe!

Tracy Runions

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Block Therapist,
Massage Therapist

Heidi Hunter

Sandy Hook, Manitoba

Block Therapist
Creative Empowerment Facilitator

Heidi's Bio

Hello, I’m Heidi Hunter. I’m an artist and creative empowerment teacher.  I learned early in my 40 year career in the arts, that a block was a bad thing.  Until now.  I came to Block Therapy ™ in a particularly challenging and personal time.  I felt betrayed by my aging body. I had never been 60. Until Now. I thought I was slowing down, and I didn’t want to. I came to accept chronic pain, anxiety, and physical limitations as permanent. Until Now.

Follow on Instagram @heidiblocktherapy
Join me on FB @UntilNowBlockTherapy

Barbara Henderson

Calgary, Alberta

Block Therapy Instructor

Lesley Graham

Victoria, British Columbia

Block Therapy Instructor
Block Therapist
Certified Natural Health Consultant

Lesley's Bio

As life was unfolding Lesley was experiencing pain in her hands including trigger fingers and nerve damage. The chronic pain interfered with the joy and freedom of movement that made her feel so alive.

At the time she was a stone sculptor and found it increasingly painful to work for even short periods of time. None of the natural healing techniques nor the more traditional treatments were effective in reducing the inflammation or in reducing the pain. She has always been passionate about taking responsibility for her physical and mental well-being and her spiritual and personal growth. Deanna’s book found its way into Lesley’s life. Reading “Fascia Decompression: The Missing Link”, Lesley knew intuitively that her search to find a natural healing modality to get to the source of her condition had ended.

Block Therapy has become the underpinning for her own healing and proactive practice and, as a certified Block Therapy Instructor and a certified Block Therapist, she is now passionately sharing this therapy, exercise, meditative practice and way of life with others. She is grateful to be, once again, living and experiencing the joy that freedom to move without pain allows. Lesley’s purpose now centres on supporting and empowering others to create optimal health and wellbeing for body, mind and spirit in their lives as well.

Justin Dollimont

Fort McMurray, Alberta

Block Therapy Instructor
Holistic Nutritionist

Justin's Bio

I didn't come to Block Therapy because I was looking for a particular solution.

Generally speaking, I was doing ok!

I had been eating well for years, was taking high quality supplements, had been dabbling in various form of meditation and self exploration, I liked to mountain bike, hike, do yoga and I stretched on a regular basis. I was in decent enough shape and I didn't have any medical concerns to speak of.

But here is what I didn't realize.

My guts were compressed, as was most of my body. I was highly anxious with a taste for worst case scenario thinking. My spine was curved and my body was tense. My right hip and low back pain of 5 years wasn't going away, despite the temporary relief I felt from regular massage and chiropractic care. I wasn't nearly as strong, toned or flexible as I could have been. My breathing was shallow, my diaphragm was barley being used and I was shorter than I needed to be!

Yes - you read that right! I actually gained 2 cm of height in less than a year - as measured by a medical doctor! She was shocked and had to retry the measurement. I thought it was pretty neat for guy in his 40's!

Today, I help busy adults who struggle with poor digestion and unhappy bellies - bloating, pain, discomfort and constipation - find lasting relief through mindful eating, holistic nutrition and Block Therapy!

Stacie Peters

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Block Therapy Instructor
Certified Health Care Aide
RCRT, Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist
LCRT, Licensed Canadian Reflexology Teacher
doTERRA Essential Oils Specialist

Stacie's Bio

Stacie is a mother of two teen age boys and a wife of 19 years.  She is a certified Health Care Aide, a Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist, Licensed Canadian Reflexology Teacher, a doTERRA Essential Oils Specialist, and a Block Therapy Instructor.  
Stacie’s passion for providing one on one client care started back in 1996.  She has been serving the public for over 30 years.  Searching for self care, she randomly scheduled a reflexology treatment and was fascinated by how she felt after just one hour.  She set her focus on reflexology training.  Falling in love with performing the treatment and the results, she registered her business name “The Sole Whisperer” in 2009.   
Starting off as a mobile reflexologist, she has changed many lives with her therapeutic hands.  She eventually designed a space from the comforts of her home, where she now provides her clients with her passion and expertise. Throughout the years, she certified as a hand and ear reflexologist.  Achieving her ultimate goal of teaching The Certified Professional Reflexology Training Course, she now supports others to dramatically change their path and benefit from the profound healing of reflexology.  Presently she combines plant based essential oils, reflexology, and teaching into to a full- time practice. 
Discovering Block Therapy was the next piece of the puzzle.   Fearing that she may have to give up her dreams due to physical pain, she was introduced to the block by a fellow teacher and friend.  She was guided through the basic classes, and quickly concluded that the block was the pain management therapy she was seeking.  She now visualizes offering clients and other reflexology therapists this brilliant therapy to manage and transform their physical bodies.

Veronica Wong

Toronto, Ontario

Block Therapy Instructor
TRE® Provider
Face Yoga Instructor
FasterEFT Meridian Tapping Practitioner
Yoga Instructor

Lisa Rigaux

Oakbank, Manitoba

Block Therapy Instructor
Nutritionist BSc Human Nutritional Science

Lisa's Bio

At the age of 40, Lisa realized that the hard-core exercise she had been doing for so long was hurting her more than helping. She decided to walk instead of run and quit the push-ups that made her injured shoulder feel worse. Lisa searched for more meditative forms of exercise like yoga but whatever she tried, she soon succumbed to injury. Thankfully, she discovered block therapy and after the first class she was hooked. Block Therapy is a combination of myofascial release and isometric strength building along with meditative breathing. Lisa’s body craved every moment and was in this state of bliss, longing to be released by the block. Within weeks she could move more freely and felt amazing. Blocking was giving her the same high she used to feel when running.

With a degree in nutrition Lisa has worked in nutrition research involving autoimmune diseases for the past 10 years. She has studied the anti-inflammatory effects of wholefoods in auto-immune conditions and run workshops focusing on reducing inflammation in the body with real food. She believes that block therapy is also an important tool to reduce inflammation in the body by replenishing oxygen and blood flow to the cells. Anybody suffering from auto-immune disorders should try blocking and witness the positive results.

Lisa also has a passion for the environment and has organized several town spring clean-ups in her area. When she’s not doing block therapy, you’ll find her walking with her hubby, son and two dogs picking up whatever single-use plastics are left on the roadside and recycling them. Lisa is thrilled to be able to play soccer and jump on the trampoline with her 12 year old without suffering for it later. She feels a connection to her body that she has never felt before.

Megan McDougall

Bedford, Nove Scotia

Block Therapy Instructor
Registered massage therapist
Reflexologist (feet and face)
Aroma therapy

Megan's Bio

Megan is a lover of learning! She believes everything is connected and enjoys helping others see the connections as well. She graduated as a massage therapist in 2017, from there her practice continues to grow and evolve!

Galina Bala

Fort McMurray, Alberta

Block Therapy Instructor

Galina's Bio

After obtaining my MD degree in Russia I moved to Canada where I worked as a medical ultrasound technician. Over time I developed chronic pain in my upper body, specifically my neck and right shoulder. After trying many traditional therapies including physiotherapy for frozen shoulder and rotator cuff issues I was able to finally find relief with a very good acupuncturist. Over the course of a year she helped me get rid of most of my symptoms, however she was located over 400km away which made treatments very difficult to maintain. In December of 2020 I ruptured my left Achilles tendon which threw me out of balance and caused a lot of pain. Recovery wasn't easy. That was when I met Justin Dollimont who told me about Block Therapy. Shortly after I started the assessment process and working on a customized plan I started seeing results. After three months of practice I knew Block Therapy held my future, both health wise and professionally.

Soon after I enrolled in the Block Therapy program and I haven't looked back! And here I am, a certified Block Therapy Instructor! I still have work to do to improve my body but now I have the tools and the knowledge to make it happen. If you ask me what is my most valuable lesson, I would say it's what I've learned about PAIN. Through our life experiences we have learned to avoid pain, to mask it. We fear pain. As I now know, pain is actually the language our cells use to talk to us and in this process we learn to become pain seekers. We find the pain before it surfaces and that is how we treat a lot of issues before they become the real problem.
I am now completing the Block Therapist training so I can help people be proactive and keep their bodies healthy for longer. Thank you Justin and the Block Therapy team!


Rachael Aberle

Hope Town, Abaco

Block Therapist, Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor, Body Talk Practitioner

Sara Appleton

Nassau, New Providence

Block Therapy Instructor,
Registered Nurse, Reiki Practitioner

Jacqueline Lightbourn

Nassau, New Providence

Block Therapy Instructor

Europe & Australia

David Joos

Sint-Gillis Waas, Belgium

Block Therapy Instructor,
Physical Therapist

Helen Ronnenbergh

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Block Therapist

Kate Adetunji

Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England

Certified Block Therapy Instructor
Certified Small Universe Qigong Instructor
Shamanic Practitioner
Shiatsu Practitioner (Dip)
Psychology & Counseling (Bsc)

Kate's Bio

From the moment I was told about Block Therapy by a good friend, I knew it was for me. However, I couldn’t have imagined just how transformative this therapy could be and quickly jumped into the instructor training. Having tried so many different approaches to address my poor posture I can honestly say this has been the most beneficial and long-lasting, not to mention the infinite other health benefits I’ve both experienced and witnessed in others. I feel so honoured and excited to be the first Certified Block Therapy Instructor in the UK and to be teaching this amazing work here. I have always been passionate about an holistic approach to wellness, bringing together a collection of trainings which cover aspects of the body, mind and spirit. I love how Block Therapy really reflects and incorporates this too and fits so beautifully with all that I’ve trained in previously. I enjoy working both with groups in-person and on-line and with individuals too for a more bespoke approach.


Tanis Hofmann

Sayulita, Nayarit

Block Therapy Instructor,
Owner of Alta Gracia Pilates

Joanne Holt

Bucerias, Nayarit

Block Therapist in both
Winnipeg & in Bucerias

Puerto Rico

Edna Guzmán

Lares, Puerto Rico

Block Therapist

Elizabeth Pabón

Mayaguez, Puerto Rico

Instructora de Terapia de Bloque,
Maestra de Yoga y Reiki

Priscilla Guzman

Caguas, Puerto Rico

Block Therapy Instructor
Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Mental Health
Degree in Labor Legislation and Human Resources Certified by SUMA, Inc.
Fluent practitioner of the Art and Science of Neurolinguistic Programming certified by INLPTA.
Certified Neuro-Coach

Priscilla's Bio

Successful HR Specialist and Corporate Events leader establishing strong benchmarks across her career. Distinguished and awarded as a key collaborator and project manager overseeing critical initiatives that foster the well-being of associates in one of the largest renowned organizations in the world. She is characterized for the highest level of commitment and integrity while ensuring success in each effort.

Worked from 1986 to 2016 in The Coca-Cola Company leading and collaborating in major corporate programs that impacted all associates and the surrounding community through local and global initiatives. Also, leaded the company Well-Being Program with outstanding results and establishment of best practices globally recognized.
Since 2018 she adopted the Block Therapy lifestyle with noticeable changes in her body size, alignment and general comfort. Creating space with the use of the Block and regaining proper diaphragmatic breathing has given Priscilla a full recovery of her knees and hips issues due to an accident where she falls from the ceiling of her house. Her digestion and elimination has improve significantly. And her body size reduce dramatically, more than expected. When people sees her change they got stoned. Due to the improvement of her body, general health and well-being state she is spreading this amazing practice as a Certified Block Therapy Instructor in Puerto Rico and all over the world.

United States of America

Lorraine Knoroski

Ashland, Oregon

Block Therapist

Sandy Baker

Aspen, Colorado

Block Therapy Instructor, Massage Therapist

Rose Benjamin

Rose Benjamin

Bristol, Indiana

Block Therapy Instructor, Nutritional Counsellor,
Certified in Body Code

Anna Paun

Largo & Seminole, Florida

Block Therapy Instructor,
Yoga Instructor, Acupuncturist

Diane Heisner

Mount Vernon, Missouri

Block Therapy Instructor
Massage Therapist

Sabrina Fritts

Littleton, Colorado

Block Therapy Instructor
Holistic Practitioner

Chris Prado

Orlando, Florida & Nicaragua

Block Therapy Instructor
Team GLO

Chris Stoner

Mansfield, Ohio

Block Therapy Instructor,
Health & Life Coach

Natalie Lau-Pruss

Ojai, California

Block Therapist

Cathy Hohmeyer

Lake Clear, NY

Certified Block Therapist
Wellness Resort Owner & Retreat Center
Chef/Superfoods Nutritionist
Holistic Practitioner

Cathy's Bio

Cathy is currently a steward of a small wellness style resort in the Adirondack Mts of northern NYS and is excited to share Block Therapy with you either online or onsite.

She a Registered Occupational Therapist, Chef and Superfoods Nutritionist. She is happy to chat and show you how Block Therapy can supercharge your holistic work and how to add this to your client offerings. 

Leeanne Schendel

New York, NY

Block Therapy Instructor
Fascia Fitness Trainer - Fascia Training Academy
Certified Personal Trainer - NASM
Corrective Exercise Specialist - NASM

Leeanne's Bio

Since committing to daily practice of Block Therapy I quickly realized this was the missing link to my wellness.  After 20+ years in the corporate fashion world I took a leap to change my career.  Working in the fascial system and seeing the physical and emotional change in people continues to amaze and motivate me.  
I am a Block Therapy Instructor, Fascia Fitness Trainer, Certified Personal Trainer with a specialty in Corrective Exercise Movement.  The combination of these modalities alongside Block Therapy allows me to work with clients to help them become their own wellness warrior.

Follow me on social:

Valerie Loridans

Shreveport, LA

Certified Block Therapy Instructor

Valerie's Bio

Valerie is a Registered Nurse, Yoga teacher, and Certified Block therapy instructor. Being in the medical field for over 35 years and frustrated by the lack of options for real healing outside a pill and a band aid, Valerie began searching for answers to chronic pain for herself and her patients. Learning about fascia as an overlooked key to health she tried various modalities like yoga and foam rolling as a means to work with fascial adhesions and pain. When she found Block Therapy the search was over. This practice is all encompassing in its ability to relieve pain, restore postural alignment, and calm the body and mind. She is now studying to be a Block Therapist and understand even more how the fascia affects our posture and health and be of more service in helping others learn and understand their bodies.

Jayne Vose

Littleton, CO

Block Therapy Instructor
Massage Therapy Certification 1000 Program
Massage Therapy Colorado State License
Massage Cupping Certified ICTA
Myokinesthetics Certification

Jayne's Bio

Jayne T. Vose, LMT, CMT graduated from Boulder College of Massage with honors and has spent her time and energy building a professional career in Massage Therapy. Jayne has a large following of clients that span Colorado and other areas of the country. Her specialty is Neuromuscular Therapy and Deep Tissue, however she is also skilled in Prenatal Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Swedish and Sports Massage. She has taken CranioSacral I and II and Reiki I and II and incorporates these modalities into her work. Jayne received a certification in MyoKinesthetics in October of 2012, a highly effective modality that treats pain patterns, by addressing the central nervous system. Recently Jayne has become a Certified Block Therapy Instructor and is gearing her practice around this incredible Therapy.

Jayne has several years of experience working in a busy Chiropractic office doing injury rehabilitation as well as several years of experience working in Health Clubs and Spas and with elite athletes.  Massage Therapy and Bodywork is more than a career for Jayne, it is her passion.

JoAnne Montalvo

San Diego, CA

Block Therapy Instructor
Holistic Health Practitioner Degree
Certified Massage Therapist Degree
Certified Massage Practitioner Degree

JoAnne's Bio

JoAnne is a Holistic Health Practitioner and Licensed Massage Therapist and is insured with the American Massage Therapy Association.

JoAnne’s professional strengths lie in her in-depth knowledge of many massage and body work modalities including Block Therapy, Deep Tissue, Lymphatic Drainage, Relaxation, Sports, Geriatric and Prenatal massage.

She has worked in various settings including Chiropractic Clinics, Spas, Fertility Clinic and Medical Offices in San Diego and Columbus, Ohio. It was in these settings that JoAnne focused on the more therapeutic aspects of bodywork. This lead her on a three year mission to find and release her back pain. After purchasing many tools, taking many classes, the answers and many more questions were found in the connective tissue or fascia of the body. Block Therapy and the study of fascia is what released her back pain.

Gail Brooks

Bel Aire, KS

Block Therapy Instructor
Somatic Exercise Instructor
Yoga Teacher ERYT-200
Group Fitness Instructor

Gail's Bio

Gail is a newly certified Block Therapy Instructor with plans to become a Block Therapist. She started blocking a year ago to release chronic pain and restore body alignment. The results were mind-blowing and she’s determined to share her knowledge and experience with all who suffer from life-style related discomfort and pain.
Gail teaches Block Therapy, Gentle Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yogalattes (fusion of yoga & Pilates), Ageless Yoga (chair yoga), Private Individual Yoga, Somatic Exercise, Mat Pilates, Laughter Yoga, Barre, Ageless Power (HIIT for Seniors), Meditation and Indoor Cycling. Her teaching style is a quirky fusion of traditional yoga, mobility flow and free-form expressions of movement, laughter and meditation.
She creates a safe, non-competitive space for her students to dive beneath the surface of their daily lives to relieve pain and find deeper meaning and inspiration. Her classes offer creative sequences with intentional themes, emphasizing the importance of proper alignment, pranayama breathing techniques, mindfulness, and meditation. She is honored to teach yoga and Block Therapy, helping to bring balance, awareness, health, and happiness into other's lives.
In addition to her teaching endeavors, Gail enjoys VR gaming, cycling, hiking, woodworking and other outdoor sports. She competes in triathlon events and frequently earns placement medals in her age group.

Leah Skousen

Rowlett, TX

Block Therapy Instructor

Leah's Bio

When Leah began noticing back pain at only 14 years old, she knew something was up. At 16 she was diagnosed with moderate to severe scoliosis. With a determination to avoid any forceful surgeries of any kind, she tried many holistic therapies but none of them quite seemed to get to the root of the issue. Eventually, she landed on Block Therapy.

The techniques and the theory behind it lined up exactly with what she was observing in herself and filled in the gaps where her previous strategies had been lacking! After "blocking" for over a year and seeing and feeling the noticeable improvements that were being made, she saw the opportunity to turn her enthusiasm for the therapy into a business opportunity. 

Leah graduated from high school with an Associate of Science degree on top of her diploma, then, the summer following, immediately plunged into her Certification. She is now the youngest Block Therapy Instructor! She continues to use the block on herself and enjoys sharing this exciting new practice that she knows will help so many people transform their health.

Stephanie Cosby

Hollywood, FL

Block Therapy Instructor
Master of Public Health
Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Stephanie's Bio

Through many years and several careers she has pursued, Stephanie Cosby always gravitated toward work that focused on helping people, but frequently to the detriment of her own health. Throughout her 10+ years involved in direct patient care, nursing took a toll as she endured several painful, debilitating back injuries. But even while attending nursing school, she had wanted to meld her FIRST career of video post-production with her growing nursing skills. She learned about the field of Healthcare Communications which focused on a wider, more global reach of healthcare. In order to bridge the gap between her video and healthcare experiences, in 2009 she obtained a Master of Public Health with a focus on Healthcare Communications from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Rapidly moving from nursing in a fast-paced patient-centered environment, coupled with a life-altering diagnosis and subsequent treatment for breast cancer, Stephanie transitioned to a nearly completely sedentary career of video editing… which took an even greater toll on her health. As a result of several extreme physical and emotional stressors in 2018, resulting in a gain of over 60 pounds in less than 2 years, Stephanie was on the verge of being diagnosed with high blood pressure and pre-diabetes, and with almost non-existent range of motion, she found she could barely move without experiencing pain. Something had to change.

In early 2020, she attended a retreat where Block Therapy was offered as part of the program. From the first moment on the block, she knew the trajectory of her life had changed forever. She has been blocking almost every day since! She has subsequently reversed the negative impacts to her health and wellbeing, AND has lost over 35 pounds to date in the process… all by simply blocking! She decided the best way to share her passion for Block Therapy and the incredible benefits that can be realized from it was to become a Certified Block Therapy Instructor! Fortified with her experiences of both patient-centered and public healthcare, she is now bringing this powerful self-care practice to those in her community who are ready to breathe and believe!

April Megginson

Virginia Beach, VA

Block Therapy Instructor
Certified Life Coach
Certified NLP Practitioner
E-RYT 500

April's Bio

April is a Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT), an ERYT-500, a Certified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner. In April's private practice, she teaches and applies wisdom from her extensive training, study, and empirical basis in multiple disciplines including yin, restorative yoga, Ayurveda, fascial anatomy, postural biomechanics, meditation, breath and neuroplasticity. She believes Wholeness can be achieved through the discovery and unraveling of counterproductive habits and patterns in mind and body. One of her greatest passions is to teach and share the methods which promote good health, awareness, empowerment, connection, calm abiding, and unlocking our powerful potential!

Michele Cosby

Hollywood, FL

Block Therapy Instructor
Certified Health Educator
Reiki Master
Master of International Language Studies

Michele's Bio

Michele grew up nurtured by stories of her great-grandmother Anna, a tiny but wise Hungarian lady with deep knowledge of local plants and natural ways, the village healer called upon to birth babies, soothe the pain of illness and assist those transitioning from this world. Anna was her dearest muse, encouraging Michele from deep in her psyche and soul to follow this healing legacy on her own pathway more than a century later.
In 1977, Michele moved to Haifa Israel when her then husband accepted a position working at the Baha’i World Center. There, she came to appreciate the human capacity for good at a global level. Witnessing the need for world unity and mutual understanding through meaningful conversations compelled Michele to learn Esperanto and, in 1997, she earned a Master’s Degree of International Language Studies from Eotvos Lorand Technical University.
Because of her lifelong fascination with the human energy field, early on Michele began exploring various energy healing modalities. After severe illness in 1992 led her to Reiki, the profound effect this practice had on her physical AND emotional recovery, spurred Michele to study and in 1998, she become a Reiki Master.
Because of her deep respect for all life, she has been a vegetarian since she was 18 years old. And, in 2012, this lead her to Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, FL where she studied to become a Certified Health Educator. She has an expansive knowledge of growing micro greens and sprouts, and raw food preparation.
Introduced to Block Therapy by her step-daughter Stephanie, she saw how her 80 year old husband’s scoliosis was helped by his very first session on the block. Michele decided right then and there to become a Certified Block Therapy Instructor. She also has personally benefited from blocking, completely reversing inflammation and stiffness in her hands and fingers. She has frequently exclaimed, “Block my ribs and get my thumbs back!” No more pain holding a brush or handling tiny beads and cords. This has been extremely important to her as she is also an artist, illustrator and jewelry designer… always infusing her unique crystal and macramé designs with Reiki.
Michele invites you join her on your own healing journey, revealing the hidden gems that lie within yourself.

Lisa M Gunshore

Parker, CO

Certified Block Therapy Instructor
Certified Ayurveda Wellness Coach (500 hr)
Registered Yoga Teacher (200 hr RYT)
Great Plains Clinician
Fullscript Practitioner
AAS Culinary Arts
BA Fashion Marketing
ACF Certified Nutritional Cooking
Certified YogaSHRED Instructor
NAMA Member (National Ayurveda Medical Association)
Yoga Alliance Member

Lisa's Bio

Lisa M. Gunshore is an empowerment coach with expertise in trans dimensional mediumship, Ayurveda, and Tibetan shamanism. She is a natural mystic and has had a deep connection to Spirit since she was a small child. For 15 years Lisa has shared her insight with clients around the globe to assist in transformation. Her work on Buddhist Biohacker YouTube as producer of conscious content is her greatest passion and mission vehicle. Lisa’s work is an extension of her vows taken with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. She advocates non-violence and the practice of compassion. As a Functional Ayurveda Wellness Coach, medium, and shaman, Lisa supports the healing of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies through the teachings of genetic transformation and ancestral healing.

‘I serve as a bridge for Seekers who wish to connect to the unseen realms and unlock their gifts that enable clear vision of Truth. My actions, words, and intentions support the vitality and empowerment of others. I Am the Divine Feminine. What each individual sees in me; is inherent in them.’ Lisa

Julie Taschetta

Los Angeles, CA

Certified Block Therapy Instructor and Therapist

Julie's Bio

I started blocking in 2020 and got hooked after the starter program.  It improved my life so much that I enrolled in BTU and became a certified instructor.  Block Therapy is new in my area and I hope to bring the benefits of blocking to Southern California.  

Tyana Shiles

Bowling Green, Kentucky

Block Therapy Instructor
Licensed Massage Therapist

Tyana's Bio

Tyana has taken many classes to enhance and broaden her career in barefoot massage. (Performing the massage with her feet using Ashiatsu and Sarga techniques.)
Her understanding that every person has unique challenges and preferences, she prides herself in being able to hone into the needs of each individual.

Tyana plans on using a combination of Block Therapy and deep tissue Barefoot massage techniques in her sessions with clients to help get to the cause of their pain.

Zach Sweatman

Jacksonvillle, IL

Doctor of Athletic Training
Licensed Athletic Trainer
Athletic Trainer Certified
Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach
Certified Block Therapist
Certified Block Therapy Instructor

Zach's Bio

Certified Block Therapist and Block Therapy Instructor
Certified and Licensed Athletic Trainer, (LAT/ATC) recent grad of Doctor of Athletic Training (DAT), Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach (CSCS)

Passionate about helping restore people to better health.

Always Striving, Never Stagnant,