Anita Prescott

90 Day Challenge Success Story

"My whole body just felt so much more flexible and comfortable. The way in which I sat, the way in which I stood and walked just changed so much. It was like turning back the clock - I won’t dare say how many years - but it was turning it back a decade or two it was just phenomenal."

~ Anita Prescott

Block Therapy Enthusiast

"My name is Anita Prescott and I have been working in financial services most of my life. As you can appreciate that involves a lot of office work and desk work. I ended up with extremely tight hamstrings as a result of being in such a sedentary position. Despite the fact that I tried many things over the years to release the hamstrings and release the pain in my lower back, nothing seemed to be helping - until I found Block Therapy. It really was the difference for me.

The hip pain is what caused me the most difficulty because it would limit my joy of walking. There were a lot of activities that I enjoyed doing but as the hip pain became more pronounced I was enjoying those activities less. Walking became shorter walks and more painful ones. Bicycle riding was also very difficult, although less stressful on the hip it was still difficult to do. And just general enjoyment of life - climbing stairs, playing with children and just doing all kinds of things like that. The referred pain seemed to go into many areas of my body and it was just progressively becoming more and more complex to have a good quality of life. Which is an important component for me because I would like to continue to enjoy a good long life. Getting healthy and getting flexible and operating a higher level became critical for me.

The improvement that I experienced on the 90 Day Challenge - although I started with a very specific goal - was from head to toe. I could never have imagined the revitalization of my body that took place in those 90 days. From the tips of my toes right to the top of my head it is remarkable. My whole body just felt so much more flexible and comfortable. The way in which I sat, the way in which I stood and walked just changed so much. It was like turning back the clock - I won’t dare say how many years - but it was turning it back a decade or two it was just phenomenal.

At the very beginning I was under the impression that it was my hamstrings that were causing the problems in my hip, my back and lower back and all of that was continually radiating out. As a result of the 90 Day Challenge I was able to come to understand with Deanna’s help that the crux of my problem was actually in my feet and what Deanna calls a “flat tire”. I had a flat tire on one leg. That meant that my ankle was not in its proper position - it was actually tilting in. A flat tire can be tilting in or tilting outwards but mine was tilting in. The very first class had to do with feet and was extraordinary. Throughout the first week we were working on calves and I had no idea how tight my calves were until that work began. As the weeks progressed the foundation which helped very much with that flat tire in my ankle continued to work up the body. Eventually after the first cycle of going through the body I could actually see an improvement in the positioning of that ankle. It didn’t fully correct itself but it was enough to see a significant improvement. Which then helped all of the other parts of my body that were aching. My lower back pain was reduced. The hip pain subsided for quite a while but it eventually subsided towards the end of the 90 days. That was a really game changer in terms of what can be accomplished in the 90 days.

To have the alignment correction from head to toe made such a difference in my life in terms of the comfort of gait with which I could walk. I was able to walk further and certainly walk better which is probably a good indicator of longevity. Everything is walking more like a well-oiled machine as opposed to a rickety old tractor. The ease at which I could climb the stairs and all different kinds of everyday things just became so much more fluid. Probably the most significant change for me was how my clothes would fit on my body before the 90 Day Challenge versus after the 90 Day Challenge. It seemed as though everything was just fitting so much better. Things were fitting on my shoulders properly. They were hanging properly. I was able to put on clothes that I hadn’t been able to wear before. Not so much because I lost weight but just because of repositioning everything that was in my body. What was tight fascia was replaced with air and space which is how its supposed to be. Everything was returned to its proper place which is why my clothes were fitting better than they had before.

Block Therapy is unique because they are short classes. They are mostly 30 minute classes which makes it very easy to fit into a day. The Block has a way of getting into those crevices in the body where the pain is and where the adhesions are to release it. It puts the power back into my own hands to be able to know how far to push and how to release those things. It truly is an empowering practice to allow us to do this kind of work. It is truly an amazing gift that Deanna shares with the world so willingly, to put that knowledge and skill into videos so that we all can benefit."

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