Bodyworker Training Course

Become known as an expert in your bodywork profession as you learn an innovative system that will gain fast, efficient and astounding results.

Then share a powerful fascia decompression technique with your clients to accelerate their results between treatments. 

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Block Therapy Bodyworker Training Course

In this course, you will learn the practice of Fluid Isometrics and Block Therapy on your clients. Fluid Isometrics and Block Therapy are different from other fascia techniques.

License to touch required

What is Fluid Isometrics?

Fluid Isometrics is the original and unique hands on bodywork practice that Deanna Hansen has been developing and perfecting since 2000. Fluid Isometrics teaches you how to decompress and release your clients fascia to restore cellular alignment. Using this spiralling technique to release deep adhesions, you are able to untangle the threads of fascia that block blood and oxygen flow to cells. 

Fascia is the tissue that connects all systems, cells and structures together. When our bodies aren’t aligned, adhesions develop between the layers of fascia creating entanglement which grip and adhere to bone - or anything in the way. This is where the root of all issues in the body stems from. Fluid Isometrics and Block Therapy is a unique approach to get to the root of the issues and restore balance in the body. 

What is Block Therapy?

Block Therapy is the self-care practice of Fluid Isometrics that can also be integrated into your work with your clients. In addition, Block Therapy teaches your clients how to care for themselves and accelerate results between treatments to continually improve their health. 

Combining Fluid Isometrics with Block Therapy and learning how to use them interchangeably in your existing bodywork practice takes it to a whole new level and teaches you how to support your own health and alignment while working on clients. 

Block Therapy University Success Story

"Since finishing my BTU Certification, my business has grown to a point where I’m able to be selective on who I accept as clients and am able to work with clients who are ready to invest time in helping their bodies heal. Many of my clients find our sessions so helpful they book me for the entire year to hold their spot with me. I’m happy to see my clients feeling better through our sessions and many are also using Block Therapy, they are creating changes in their body faster than with our sessions alone.  As they are also telling others how great Block Therapy is, I am seeing my referral partner commissions growing and see that as a secondary income stream for my business. As my skills have grown my prices have increased significantly and income has almost doubled since I added Block Therapy and Fluid Isometrics into my practice.

The most important thing I learned in BTU was understanding fascia adhesions, proper posture as well as cause sites and pain sites. Also, having Deanna give demos and classes for those of us who work on clients is very helpful. I always pick up something new to try or a way of doing something that’s easier on my body. I’m eager for any and all direction so that I can be the best I can be at fascia release and keep doing the work I love for years to come."

Watch Full Success Story

Tami Le Poidevin

Block Therapy Instructor
Block Therapist
Fluid Isometrics & Block Therapy Body Worker
Massage Practitioner

What's Included with Your Online Course

  • Block Buddy & Block Baby
  • Bodyworker Intro Series
  • Using the Blocks on Your Clients | Lower Body
  • Using the Blocks on Your Clients | Upper Body
  • Learning Fluid Isometrics on Yourself
  • Learning Fluid Isometrics on a Client
  • Fluid Isometrics Training

2 YEARs free access into the Block Therapy Membership

This is a $794 Value which includes:

  • 120+ classes ordered in series and programs 
  • Both Beginner and Advanced classes
  • Fitness & postural foundation building course
  • Regular live calls with Deanna
  • Block for Kids
  • New content added monthly

Enrolment for the BTU Bodyworker Training Has Closed

Enrolment will open in fall of 2024. If you are interested in becoming a Block Therapy Bodyworker, please fill out the form below!


Module 1 - Bodyworker Intro Series

If you are new to Block Therapy, this is an introductory course so you can learn and apply Block Therapy to yourself.

What's Inside

  • Welcome to the Bodyworker Program
  • Bodyworker course tutorial
  • Day 1 | 20 Minute Core Class
  • Day 2 | 20 Minute Pelvis & Legs Class
  • Day 3 | 20 Minute Head, Neck & Arms Class
  • Day 4 | 40 Minute Core Class
  • Day 5 | 40 Minute Pelvis & Legs Class
  • Day 6 | 40 Minute Head, Neck & Arms Class

Module 2 - Using Blocks on Your Clients - Lower Body

This course teaches you how to use the Blocks on your clients in multiple positions for the lower body.

What's Inside

  • Teaching D Breathing
  • Addressing the Hamstring
  • Addressing the Iliotibial (IT) Band
  • Addressing the Adductor
  • Addressing the Knee
  • Addressing the Calf
  • Addressing the Quads
  • Addressing the Anterior Ankle
  • Double Blocking the Hip Flexor/Quad
  • Double Blocking the Posterior Leg
  • Double Blocking the Lateral Leg

Module 3 - Using Blocks on Your Clients - Upper Body

This course teaches you how to use the Blocks on your clients in multiple positions for the upper body.

What's Inside

  • Addressing the Anterior Shoulder
  • Double Blocking the Biceps, Inner Forearm and Hand 
  • Double Blocking the Rhomboid and Triceps
  • Double Blocking the Triceps and Outer Forearm

Module 4 - Learning Fluid Isometrics on Yourself

This course teaches you how to perform Fluid Isometrics on yourself. I am going to teach you how to use your hands as a more specific tool to connect to and release the threads of entangled fascia.

What's Inside

  • The Foundation - Abdomen
  • The Tools - Hand Class
  • The Flow - Abdomen
  • Lower Ribs - Lying Down
  • Lower Ribs - Seated

Module 5 - Learning Fluid Isometrics on a Client

This course teaches you how to perform Fluid Isometrics on a client.

What's Inside

  • Core & Ribs
  • Shoulder Girdle and Arm
  • Back
  • Neck and Face

Module 6 - Fluid Isometrics Training

Live recorded training calls with Deanna to further educate you on Fluid Isometrics.

Block Therapy University Success Story

"The thing I love most about teaching Block Therapy is that when sharing it with my clients it's like the light bulb of understanding goes on for them. They no longer accept being told by their doctors, "You're just getting old".

The most important thing I learned from BTU is to trust the body's ability to heal itself when given the right tools. Also, not to fear pain but listen to what your body needs. I started my fascia journey five years ago. I used a scrubbing tool that left me bruised and in more pain. Next was a very expensive modality using your foot as the tool. The self-help portion of this modality used the foam roller and many other balls with no lasting results.  Block Therapy is the tool I now use!  Not only has my pain been reduced, but my posture has also improved, I’ve lost weight and I am stronger physically and mentally.  I have more energy and am looking forward to a healthier and happier future.

Since I have become certified, I stay very busy, and my schedule is full at the chiropractic office where I work. I also have several clients that have referred their family and friends who are not patients of the chiropractors. This is my 15th year as a Massage Therapist and Block Therapy has made it possible for me to continue doing what I love while at the same time improving my own health.

For anyone that is on the fence about joining BTU, DO IT!! The education you will receive is priceless.  Just imagine what you can do for yourself as well as the people you love."

JoAnne Montalvo

Block Therapy Instructor
Holistic Health Practitioner Degree
Certified Massage Therapist Degree
Certified Massage Practitioner Degree

Heal Yourself

The best way to teach, is first to do. With this program, the first step is to learn the process, feel the changes and see the amazing benefits. Transferring the information to your clients becomes simple as you have the confidence to speak directly from the integration and transformation of your personal experience.

Heal Others

To share an innovative approach to healing that is taking the world by storm, positions you to be the expert in your community. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing you are truly getting to the root cause of suffering. Be the one to bridge this transformative work to your clients, and see your business grow as a result.

Build Your Brand

As you share this work with your community, you will become known as a Fascia Master. As the world continues to awaken to this powerful system, people will flock to you to learn how to heal. Combining this with the powerful community and branding that is yours as a Block Therapy Instructor/Bodyworker/Therapist, you will be able to navigate building your business with a platform that has already been created and approved by the masses, combined with the ability to create your own specific niche to engage those that you want to attract.

Teacher Resources

In addition , you will have access to Teacher Resources:

  • Purchase select products and programs at a wholesale price (Blocks, merchandise, specified programs)
  • Continuing Education with Deanna

Marketing Resources

In addition, you will have access to Marketing Resources:

  • Affiliate Tracking Links and Commissions
  • Block Therapy Photo Library
  • Teacher Feature Submission Form
  • Step-byStep Instruction to build your own website with our affiliate
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