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Block Therapy is changing people’s lives around the globe.

Watch our presentation explaining BTU so you can learn more about to become a Fascia Master™.

Block Therapy Instructor

As a Block Therapy Instructor, you are taught the science and process of teaching Block Therapy. You learn about the Fascia System and how to melt through adhesions in the tissue, you learn how to access proper diaphragmatic breathing and why the exhalation phase needs special attention, and you learn how to strengthen proper postural foundations to support cellular alignment.

Block Therapy Instructor with Bodyworker

With the Bodyworker addition to the Instructor program, you will learn how to use your body in a way to support your own fascia health, as well as learn to use the tools to get deeper access to your patient’s issues safely and efficiently, allowing greater coverage of the body in less time.
*Block for Bodyworkers requires a license to touch*

Block Therapist

As a Block Therapist, you are taught the art of assessing the body. This gives you the opportunity to truly become a Fascia Master. You learn how to see the cause sites or holding patterns in the body, thereby being able to efficiently prescribe treatment protocols for your patients. You also dive deeper into delivering this method through learning about transitions and isometrics on the Block.
*This program includes 2 stages of Certification: Instructor and Therapist. Completion of the Block Therapy Instructor portion is required before beginning the Therapist portion.

Block Therapist with Bodyworker

With the Bodyworker addition to the Therapist program, you will learn how to integrate the use of the Block Buddy & Block Baby into your practice, as well as how to assess your client's fascia system and implement Fluid Isometrics techniques.
*Block for Bodyworkers requires a license to touch*

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