Block Therapy University Store

Block Therapy Instructor Training

This program prepares you to you to teach Block Therapy to your community in a class setting, or on a one-to-one basis. This can be both in person and on video. There is no pre-requisite required to undergo the training, just a love of Block Therapy and a desire to share this simple, safe and effective system that is gaining global credibility.

Block Therapy Bodyworker Training

This program requires you to have a license to touch and is geared for the bodyworker already working with clients. Learning how to use the blocks in your practice brings incredible results to your clients, as well, teaches you how to use your body to support your own health and alignment. Fluid Isometrics gives you a huge advantage as you learn to tap into the fascia system with this unique and highly effective practice. Take your clients to a whole new level of health and see your business transform!

Block Therapist

As a Block Therapist, you are taught the art of assessing the body. This gives you the opportunity to truly become a Fascia Master. You learn how to see the cause sites or holding patterns in the body, thereby being able to efficiently prescribe treatment protocols for your patients. You also dive deeper into delivering this method through learning about transitions and isometrics on the Block.
*This program includes 2 stages of Certification: Instructor and Therapist. Completion of the Block Therapy Instructor portion is required before beginning the Therapist portion. You can purchase the Therapist Training once you are a certified Block Therapy Instructor or Bodyworker. 

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