Fascia Decompression for Your Fur Family


In this program, you will learn how to apply Fascia Decompression techniques to your pet. Using only your hands, you will learn a number of different approaches to melting adhesions that run throughout your pets body to improve blood and oxygen flow to their cells, as well as improve lymphatic drainage. This will be a wonderful way to support your pet’s health lifelong.



Discover a revolutionary approach to holistic well-being that will transform your pet’s life from the inside out. By nurturing the fascia – the intricate connective tissue that impacts the flow of fluids and energy throughout the body – you unlock a cascade of positive effects on their physical, emotional, and behavioural health.

Just as humans benefit from fascia care, your furry companions thrive when their fascia is well taken care of. Fascia’s far-reaching influence touches every system in their body as it connects and innervates all cells. The potential benefits for your pet are astounding:

  • Calmer Nervous System: Experience the joy of a more relaxed and at ease fur family member.
  • Boundless Energy: Watch your pet bounce back to life with newfound vitality.
  • Improved Alignment for Overall Joint Health: Say goodbye to discomfort as we enhance their joint health.
  • Better Weight Management: Maintain a healthy weight and a happier, more active pet.
  • Gleaming Skin and Coat: Unleash their natural radiance with improved skin and coat health.

Join our revolutionary fascia care program today and witness your pet’s transformation into the best version of themselves. Don’t let them miss out on this opportunity for optimal health and well-being. They deserve the very best, and we’re here to provide it!

You will learn techniques that can be applied to all areas of the body, and that can be done in bite size pieces. There are 5 main techniques shared on a variety of different size dogs and cats, to showcase different approaches for you to provide the Fascia Decompression techniques.

There are 4 modules to the program which consist of:

1. Introduction

This module shares several videos to prepare you for success with the program, including:

  • Welcome from Dr. Siegel and Deanna
  • Disclaimer
  • Preparing for Success
  • Environmental Safety as you apply techniques
  • Dr. Siegel’s 6 Step Program providing additional health information
  • Introduction to Fascia and the Sampler Program link shared and explained
  • How to Assess Your Pet

2. Techniques

This module shares several videos to prepare you for success with the program, including:

  • The Grip and Grab 
  • Releasing the Joints
  • Aligning the Spine
  • The Tail Pull
  • The Ear Pull

3. Creative Pet Protocols

This section provides a storyline of Dr, Siegel and Deanna working together on different dogs. We take you through several real-life cases, demonstrating how we performed the initial assessment, using the techniques to work the entire body, and most importantly, the results achieved in 2-3 sessions. In many cases the transformation was miraculous.

4. Inspiring True Stories of Health Transformation

This section shares stories of working on pets as we were embarking on the journey. Dr. Siegel and Deanna worked for months through zoom calls to connect and develop the protocols. This is a timeline of other pets (including a 20-pound cat), where the techniques were developed and applied. This provides additional footage to assist you on your journey.


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