Gum Health and Receding Gums – 5 Hour Virtual Intensive


Changes in the mouth affect every part of your head – all the structures are supported by correct alignment of the fascia, so spending concentrated time on the roof of the mouth, the gums, and on the inside of jaw and the cheeks creates incredible changes that will delight you.

Join Deanna in this 4-part series where she will take you through the steps to move your fascia back!

Intensive Duration:

  • Class #1: 1:45:11
  • Class #2: 1:21:55
  • Class #3: 1:01:24
  • Class #4: 1:05;34

There is no Block required, as all work will be done with your hands.





“The class is amazing–the retainers that I’ve worn for many years after having braces are usually tight if I don’t wear them every few nights…after about five days of doing the first class exercises, this is not happening.” ~ Pam

“I am surprised how quickly the changes are happening. The roof of my mouth is much smoother, more spacious and more comfortable. Very excited to continue.” ~ Nancy


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