Sampler Program Testimonials

It is so interesting to learn about new ways to keep fit with no more 'bad pain'. It's amazing to see pain as a tool to improve rather than to critique and potentially never get relief. I'm so happy to have this course as a start to shedding light on some of my own old habits. Thank you.
~ Seema M

I have thoroughly enjoyed the block sampler program. I’m taking my time to go through it as much to explore! It is a great introduction to this therapeutic practice. Simple yet informative and practical for beginners. Look forward to continuing this exploration and the healing that comes from it.
~ Karen F

I have been curious about Block Therapy and this course was a fantastic introduction. It explained the why’s and how’s, with demonstrations of the different placements. I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to see if it is right for them.
~ Renea D 

What a change in such a short time, I have not completed all 9 sessions yet, I keep going back and redoing them.  Will be looking into doing a longer program for sure.
~ Carleen F

I’m not quite finished but loving it so far!
~ Carolyn H 

Thank you for creating this sampler program.  I thought I'd like to signup for the starter program before I did this sampler, but now I'm convinced more than ever that this is the right program for me.  Thank you for making it possible to test drive Block Therapy. Love your knowledge, your teaching style.  Two thumbs up!
~ Susans Mesick

Amazing program. I read the book months ago, but was reluctant to commit to membership without seeing if I could sustain the practice. I loved this sampler, and will sign up. You were both patient, calm, skillful teachers - thank you. I love the turnaround to lean into the pain. This body has fibromyalgia and hurts many places - look forward to leaning into all of them.
~ Pamela M

Today is day eight for me and even though it is and has been a bit of a challenge- I have noticed after my session that I can feel a difference from the beginning of the session. This makes me feel that this process is beneficial to my body and my longevity. Thank you very much.
~ Brenda F

For all I have learned about fascia and how best to be healthy, strong and well.
~ Gwen J

Thanks.   It took me awhile to do this program, as I spend very little time on computer. I was curious about block therapy and enjoyed the lessons, learned a lot, and will practice. Although I have only a few minor health concerns, I will monitor changes and improvements, using these basics. I appreciate this opportunity.
~ Veronica T

Really helped ease discomfort of my diaphragm.
~ Marlene Sajdak

I am SO glad I had the opportunity to try the 9-Day Block Therapy Sampler and truly appreciate all the time & effort Deanna and Quinn have devoted towards helping us learn about this phenomenal practice. Their teaching techniques are the best!
~ Tricia Douglas

Fabulous, accessible, inexpensive introduction to Block Therapy. Ty!
~ I. Love

I have started the program and noticed an immediate improvement in my posture, and have noticed less pain in my lower back.
~Kristen L.

Hi, Block Therapy Team, I loved all the videos and they really resonated with me. So far I am much more aware of how I should breath and I'm slowly incorporating the exercises in my daily life. Thank you so much for this amazing healing tool!
~ Zelia P

I so appreciate this option to try Block Therapy before investing in the program. I believe that I am experiencing some improvement already. Also, the response to my questions in the FB community has confirmed the quality of your program. I don’t know if I would have tried it without this option. I am going to join the Starter program
~ Nancy R

I love it. Feel a difference in my body already. Thank you soo much
~ Pamela S

I am using the program and staying on the lesson for 2 days before I go to the following lesson. I do feel more of an opening and I feel I am walking with my shoulders more erect. So far so great
~ Janet D

Loved the program I so want to do more now!
~ Rob R

As a bodywork professional for 26 years, I can honestly say this modality has the potential to revolutionize the pain management industry.
~ Marilyn K

I am doing great with the Sampler Program. I am building each day on top of the previous day for a mini Block(well towel) Therapy session. I do notice changes! I am much more conscious of my posture and seem to instinctively correct when I am slouching. I am also much more conscious of my breathing and I am working toward full diaphragmatic breathing. I love the videos and explanations of how the body works. Thank you so much for this Sampler Program. I will stick with it a bit longer.
~Danette S.

Because I felt great benefits in mind and body from the the very start. Thanks so much for your amazing work!
~ Stuart F

It has made me aware of parts of my body that have been ignored.
~ no name

The Sampler Program is a very nice intro into Block Therapy. I like how some of the videos contain information to incorporate into other activities that do not directly have to do with a workout session. The information regarding the fascia system is invaluable.
~ Danette S

Just the first three lessons gave me insights into the basic theories of this therapy as well as ideas about how to work with clients. In the middle of the program, a 3 day special offering on the spine was given, and that also solved a long-running shoulder problem I had not been able to work through. Although I haven't finished the sampler program yet, I have had so much success with the generous offerings, that I have ordered the starter package.
~ Pamela N

Wow, this book is so generous! I am appreciating what I read and jumping back into repeating the 9 lessons to go deeper. I am noticing a big difference in the abdominal area...miraculous! I want to call possibly tomorrow to get further explanation on the Starter Program. Much thanks to Deanna for the ebook, which I am still reading and also for her great discovery of this modality! It is big and yes, I have never felt anything like this...incredible!!!
Sincerely, ~ Michele T (Turetzky)

I enjoyed the sampler program; it provided new insight for how the fascia connects everything in the body and how utilizing it can be very liberating and relaxing.
I think I need to re-watch the arm/shoulder blade alignment exercise one.
I'll definitely be getting the block and diving deeper into using block therapy for wellness and pain relief, I just need to budget for it 🙂
~ Wendy S

I've tried the exercises and I discovered some spots of pain which were dimished after doing the exercise.
~ Josef M

Wonderful! I love it. Smitten...Unfortunately very expensive to import block to South Africa 🙁
~ Annalise D

I am really getting into the daily habit. I like the two you laugh and enjoy these classes together. Ne thing I was a bit concerned for myself is I had a lumpectomy and a lymph node attended to in April. Iam wonderingf I should be working on that side or not. Yes it does heard a little somewhat but so do a few other areas Thank you for your helpful tips too Marcia Rogocki
~ Marcia L

I think Block Therapy and I are going to become lifelong friends! In just a short period of time I have learned a ton, and I’m feeling the benefits of healing a chronic back issue. Thank you for developing this program - I will definitely help you share it with the world!
~ Karla A

Deanna and Quinn provide clear instructions both verbal and visual. They balance each other on the intro, demo and recap of each video. Their personal experience using the Blocks comes through as they share why they are passionate, honest and open about Block Therapy. My 30+ years as Fitness Trainer & Trainer of Trainers, Sport Coach & Triathlete taught me the difference between passion for the people and passion for the person 'showing' the product/class.
Thank you for this 🙂 My rejuvenated fascia is thrilled! I look forward to my body re-learning the great joy now possible in all my favourite forms of movement. Merry Christmas, Good Health & Happy Fascia to all.
~ Cyndy C

Instructions are clearly demonstrated by Deanna and Quinn. Appreciate the way the sampler builds awareness. I have been integrating each practice into my current tai chi and qigong practices. Gives me hope to reach the roots of the various issues in my body that have developed over long periods of time.
~ Sherrill R

It seems to be helping with my joints and back pain
~ Elizabeth K

Awesome and hooked! just ordered my blocks!
~ Erin G 

The Sampler lessons are informative, easy to follow, and the price is great. Thank you for making your program so accessible!
~ Colleen L

Excellent! I breathing better and am able to relax more.
My digestion is better too.
~ Metri H

First time experiencing block therapy and I stuck with it thru the program. I will definitely fit a couple into my daily fitness routine.
Thank you for the experience
~ Lou R

I loved the sampler program as these simple exercises has already helped me so much. Every day I feel a change in my body and when I do other exercises like rebounding, I don’t get sore. Thank you!
~ Maria S

Relaxing and noticeable results in posture immediately. Also feel more openness and aliveness in my body.
~ Cheryl H

I feel amazing. I have lower back issues and have been suffering with crippling sciatica for 18 months and after doing the program I have seen huge improvements. I want to purchase the starter pack but I live in the UK and worry the postage alone will be rather pricy, but I want to explore more of Block Therapy. I have tried so many therapy's but this is the only one that has given me results so quickly. Many thanks Clare
~ Clare C

The 9-day Sampler gave me a slow, flexible, inexpensive introduction to Block Therapy. I noticed subtle shifts after each lesson even using just a towel. Looking forward to melting some more with the bamboo blocks. Thank you!
~ Laura H

Love it!
Best thing ever!
Trying to do these exercises each day.
Thank you!
~ Lise T

I have bad posture and a trigger finger along with bunions All the problems to do with posture so it is very helpful for me . Thank you ! I had bought Deanna’s book many years ago " A simple path to a whole new you " and I was very interested in it .
~ Carol M

My Daughter introduced me to the sampler program and have now completed the 9 samples and will continue to use the sample program until I return to the US end of March. Impressed with the presentation and trust it will help me to correct my body posture
~ Rolf A

I noticed a decrease in back pain after the first couple days of the program. It has certainly helped me to be aware of my posture throughout the day. Can't wait to get my son started when he is a bit older to straighten & balance his legs.
~ Jordan P

Thoroughly enjoyed the sampler program. It had made me more knowledgeable on how the body works and mends itself. Looking into doing starter once I finish the challenge I am now in
~ Carole S

~ Lori W

I’m sold. I really felt a difference
~ Martha L

extremely helpful with mobility improvement when nothing else did. -thankful.
~ Paul L

It was a great program. I will use it a lot.
~ SuryaAdi H

It's a nice variety of exercises.
~ Stacey S

It is an excellent program, learned alot, just sent an email asking about number 8, cause from previous injuries my shoulders won't " stay put" when prone on my back. Yah willing, I'll be getting a block and I agree with you both, this is for life, truly grateful. Samm ( Denise)
~ Denise S

I'm loving this. Planning on getting the starter pack soon.
~ Janice W

It was incredible. I\'ve started to noticed a difference in my body shape and ROM. I\'ll be ordering the blocks today. Thank you
~ Linda A

Truly amazing concepts and exercises. Root cause reversal for sure. Also, props to both of you for making the videos so straight forward and easy to follow. No need to pause and hold the positions for 3 minutes because you’re doing them right alongside Q. Bravo. Thank you for sharing your journey and sharing your knowledge
~ Chris B

I've been a massage therapist for about 35 years and I really think this is a very important tool - the missing link as Deanna says. My breathing has definitely improved and I feel like I have more energy. I love that it's a meditation, self care and fascial release at the same time!
~ Lindy R

I can already feel slight changes in my body and this makes sense to me. I love the idea of healing the body naturally and have always believed this and am always wanting to learn more.
~ Arleen H

I enjoyed it very much very informative
~ Michaela S

It's amazing getting already rid of some pain I talked about it to my daughter who is very interested to get in the BTU and when my situation gets better so I can afford it I will subscribe to the Starter Program.
~ Samar M

It’s a great starter program! Thank you!
~ Carla A

I am using the breathing to lessen pain throughout the day and night. It works! Am looking forward to continued improvement as I continue the practice.
~ Bev S

I have to do this at my own pace and your program allows me to that so thank you so much for that. I have limited mobility so I am only starting #3 but it is helping greatly to begin to get movement and energy back. So again thank you again for this beginner program it is just what I needed
~ Sally I

It's awesome, I love the simplicity of the program and how much it impacts on the body. I am certainly keen to explore further.
~ Sacha E

I am very glad I registered for the 9-Day Sampler. It's helping me get healthier every day with every practice. Thank you!
~ Luchie W

I feel so much more relaxed and sleep much more deeply and satisfyingly. Thank you very much, it's a dream come true!
~ Sue P

I loved your course and enjoyed very much.
~ Shanthi s

Still have 2 to get through but it has helped lots. I’ve repeated at few lessons as they really touched me pain source but the 2 nd time I did them the pain had diminished. Will finish the sampler program
~ Connie N

Just started doing it (Day1) today. Did it for a few minutes and feel great.
My eyes are sharper. My breathing is better and I feel energised and my brain seems sharper.
Will definitely continue and let you know as I progress.
~ Trinity D

The classes were very clear and helpful. Thank you!
~ Donna T

I could feel the difference after even the first session! I look forward to more changes for the better as I continue on this journey!
~ Jolene

I am taking it very slowly due to my cervical spinal stenosis so I plan to do every class a few days in a row. So far so good.
~ Rafaela M

It’s really helped me to move better and easier and with less pain
~ Sally

Loving it and planning to continue. So relaxing and feels profoundly healing in a way I never expected. Thank you!
~ Shira B

I enjoyed the class. The only difficult position was the calves session. I am unable to sit on my heels because of tight quads and could not find a good modification in that position. Otherwise, it was very helpful. Thank you!!
~ Kathy F

Although I have a long way to go, looking forward to much needed healing.
~ Elena A

Amazing therapy! I start every day with Block Therapy now!
~ Marlene

I’m enjoying the process very much, can already feel something shifting subtly… thank you!
~ Haya W

I did the 9 day sampler. Felt serious shifting and releasing in my body. I just ordered the Big block and program and I'm excited to experience the changes and improvements. I'm going to share this!!
~ Shane K

I am loving the sampler program and look forward to ordering the starter package.
~ Liba M

I just started with Block Therapy using the Sampler Program. I felt a significant amount of pain reduction. I am also sleeping better! Love it!
~ Lori S

It’s fantastic! My spasming, bad back pain that had me having to stand still and brace myself before even trying to sit down or stand up, not walking, and canceling appointments- is completely gone.
I realized that even when I think of doing something my shoulder goes up and I twist and collapse. So now I am stopping very often during the day to breath consciously.
You should know I am 80 years old and was sexually abused from the time I was a baby until 7 years old. My body hid pain everywhere it could find. I have been in conscious recovery for 30 years and have been doing Eden Energy Medicine for 22 years. EEM was and continues to be a life saver. The breathwork for the fascia is a whole new level.
I am very grateful to you for it. I am telling everyone about it.
Many thanks!!
~ Lila Henry

Very interesting - Deanna is very easy to listen to. She and Quinn are a great team - I find the time goes fast!
~ Cathy N

It's easy to do and quite relaxing.
~ Karen F

As a naturopathic doctor and former bodybuilder, powerlifter and sports competitor, my body has been through the ringer as they say. Have had 2 back surgeries, bi-lateral hip replacements and numerous injuries over all these years. I have also had many therapy protocols which have had their place in restoration, etc. of my health but block therapy has taken my bodily responses to a new level. Though I have just recently started I am thrilled with the responses. Thank you for the years of work perfecting block therapy - Best of health
~ Dr. Joe Christiano

I am 80.  In my lifetime I have done every exercise program imaginable.  I have been a member of many groups.  I have studied yoga and Qigong.  I have done swimming and other water aerobics. I have been a member of different walking groups.  And on and on.
All have been good, all have been exciting, all have probably helped me to be a very healthy person all of my life.
I also was a tennis player, a pickle ball player, a volley ball player and played golf.
But never in my entire life have I felt so good after doing connective tissues work, and block therapy.  I mean NEVER!.  
My husband and I have done the 9 day classes and are totally amazed at our experience.
I was kicked in my knee 8 years ago and have suffered with that knee ever since.  I was told to have a knee replacement,, but I do not want replacement parts if I can help it.
So I started connective tissue workouts in January and saw a tremendous improvement.  Some how I came across block therapy and decided to add this to my routine.  ( also strongly suggesting to my 80 year old husband to do it with me.
After 3 weeks of block therapy, my painful knee is pain free.  I mean, PAIN FREE.  My husband was having posture problems in the shoulder area, plus a problem with circulation in one leg.  In 3 weeks his shoulder has straightened out and the pain in his bad leg has disappeared.
We are going to join one of your membership programs, but it may be a bit, because we have so much going on during the summer.
I tell every about your programs.  Many laugh at me and say nothing is that good, so I move on.  You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.
Thank you for all you are doing to help people overcome physical problems.
I also have to say we eat very healthy, grow most of our food, and have never been overweight.
Bless you for this program.
~ Bonnie Krause Gams

My sleep has gotten better since starting block therapy.
~ Linda K

I found great benefit from my short experience with Block Therapy so far and can see how beneficial it will be long term. I have missed a couple of days as initially for the first 4 days I only felt the pain as I was doing the block work, then after that I've had quite a lot of physical discomfort particularly on my back. I did one session using the block on my spine and then stopped and only did the work on the front to see if it settled. It hasn't yet and most days I'm having some pain, more or less on my back.
I can feel a benefit when doing the work though and a spaciousness within after doing the work which is great. Any advice please? Thank you.
~ Helen Boyd-Newton Victoria, Australia

A very informative down to earth series of fascia decompression work.
Great instruction and sharing.
I could not have asked for anything more.
~ Dawna-lea R

Love it! Thank you!
~ Pauline K

It's a new way to release pain.
The videos are very well guided.
Thanks !!
~ Mario E

I have been searching for help from all types of practitioners with all types of body pains specifically my upper legs hurts so much going upstairs I cannot tolerate exercise. With one round of releasing the tummy, there is at least a 60% decrease in the pain to my legs. I am very interested in doing more of this program and learning about becoming a block Therapy Practitioner
~ Vivian A

I had quite a bit of myofascial release therapy a few years ago and found it very helpful, but very gradual and expensive, so have been doing my best at home. Your method is more direct and focused on the different parts of the body, and I can already feel results. This seven-video intro is really clear, simple, and motivating! Thank you for providing it.
~ Jacqueline

Feels so awesome, I can't wait to learn more!!
~ Deb B

I am pleasantly surprised by the results in such a short time. Can't wait to get the program. Thank you for offering the sample, it is a great Idea.
~ Anita T

First, making this low-priced sampler course was business genius. I have chronic pain, so I basically had no excuse not to try it. Second, the biggest thing that immediately helped was the class about breathing. I have a horrible habit of holding my breath, which provokes pain in my chest, shoulders and neck. Just breathing properly help me within 1 day!
~ Erika M

I have MS and several other chronic illnesses. I am recovering from an accident I was in in March. I can do block therapy. It was very empowering to find something I can do that will help me and not hurt me. I look forward to taking more classes in the future.
~ Katherine A

I’ve found that by leaning and breathing into the pain I am healing myself. I’ve used it during my menstrual cycle and it alleviates the cramps. I love this practice. I now include it with my yoga practice.
~ tameka d

I really enjoyed all the videos and mostly the information that Deanna and Quinn give! I am really looking forward to starting my block therapy
What little bit I have done I have seen a little bit of difference, this is very exciting for me!
Thank you!
~ Anna S

I loved the program. I really appreciate the step by step guidance through each position. Also, tracking how far I am along in the program was very helpful.
~ Nikkol G

I have only practiced the core block therapy positions as the first week I was without internet service to follow the starter program. I am in love with how I feel just using the core program, so am anxious to try the rest of the 9 day starter classes!!!
~ Sarah H

I thought it was amazing, actually. I wasn't sure what to expect, but in the few days I did the Sampler Program, I had to adjust the seat in my car because my posture was different, more properly aligned. I also noticed I don't have bladder pain anymore. I used to feel a lot of pressure in that area and now it's just a couple of times doing the breathing with the block /towel on my belly button. I am definitely going to purchase one of the Starter Packages to see how many more amazing changes I can make! Thank you so much for Block Therapy ❤️
~ Hadley G

This is a great intro course! I’m looking forward to buying my owner starter package and have referred many of my patients and friends to the sampler course!
~ Amanda F

Improved breathing and abdomen appearance.
I don’t work waiting for a special rate.
~ Pascale F

I enioyed the program a lot.It opens a new peception of how the body works and introdused me to the fascia. An extremely important organ of human's body towards which we usually pay no attentions at all.
Thank you for this fullfiling experience that creates more space in to my body, in to my life and opens new ways of thinking, conserning health's issues and also creating physical and spiritual balanve.
Best wishes
~ Olympia X

I still am only half way through the program but I am truly loving it. I'm obsessed! I am going through the Core class and wow - I love being able to feel my psoas for the first time ever!
~ Mika C

It's a great program & I may not be able to get to each days segment but I like what I've tried & I plan on continuing doing & learning at my own pce. I'm happy to have found you through Magdalena W. Hormone theraoist.
~ Elizabeth T

I have enjoyed the program and it is helping with posture and pain.
~ Karen W

Sampler Program is amazing! Touches on various fascia releases throughout entire body. I've noticed less discomfort/tightness and thoroughly enjoyed the body building blocks for proper skeletal alignment. So similar to what I teach my riding students from a Centered Riding aspect. Thank you 🙂
~ Trina L

This program is amazing. I feel taller, have less inflammation, get better sleep, and have lost weight and defined my figure in less than two weeks.
~ Jenelle Scott-A

I have only been blocking for a week so I haven't seen any huge changes. I have heard and felt some places of my body go back into alignment though. I look forward to continuing blocking and seeing more changes!
~ Sharon P

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