Stacie Peters

Block Therapy University Success Story

"My biggest challenge in my reflexology practice is that I am limited to clients that live in my area. BTU opened up a whole new avenue of clients for me to work with."

~ Stacie Peters

Block Therapy Instructor

"My name is Stacie Peters and I was a certified healthcare aid for 23 years. During which time I pursued and achieved a reflexology certificate. I am now a full-time reflexology therapist certified in foot, hand and ear. I am also a licensed teacher and a certified Block Therapy instructor.

My primary reason for joining BTU initially was to learn more about the modality for personal reasons and for self-care. While complete BTU I quickly learned that as an instructor I could teach Block Therapy online to different set of clients and this could open up a new stream of revenue for my practice.

My biggest challenge in my reflexology practice is that I am limited to clients that live in my area. BTU opened up a whole new avenue of clients for me to work with.

At first I did have hesitations. Questions I was asking myself like how would it be to learn online, would I get the most out of learning to become an instructor online, was I too old to learn and retain new information, and would I be able to use this therapy in todays market. I decided to jump in and follow my intuition. Any questions I had were promptly answered by great customer service and support. I could see Deanna was dedicated to her craft and was passionate about the quality of her teachings. 

I feel much more confident with my own physical strength  when providing my reflexology clients with a treatment when I am able to pick up my Block and use it in between clients to work out any tension areas. I have gained so much insight on how the body works and I am able to educate my existing clients with valuable information that they can take home and use. I now offer my clients a way to take their self-care into their own hands with guidance if needed.

I’d say my biggest joy is knowing that I am much more valuable to my clients because I love educating. I have a brand new service called Block Reflex, where I combine lower or upper body Blocking with a reflexology treatment. The service is very unique and very effective at creating space, melting restrictive fascia, while placing the body into rest and repair. I already have a handful of clients booking this service and I also offer classes online and in person.

BTU was easy to follow. I was able to work online at my own pace. I was able to challenge myself both personally and professionally which took me out of my comfort zone and led to some very important growth.

The most important thing I learned in BTU is that I could use this valuable information on its own personally and professionally and create my own field in my current professional practice. I learned that Deanna is always adding new content to enhance this practice, which means that I will always be learning and educating myself.

Really simply - I have no regrets. I love Block Therapy and it is going to be a very valuable modality to add into my already existing practice. I only see BTU growing in practice and size. I feel very fortunate to be part of this wonderful community. So much support and positivity throughout. You are never alone and there is lots of love to go around. I highly recommend Block Therapy University."

~ Stacie Peters

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