The Face Lifter Block Paddle

Face Lifter Program

Featuring the Block Paddle

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The purpose of this program is to provide a deeper approach to dealing with the adhesions that affect the head, neck and face. As the face has a challenging landscape to address with the block, and for many, their hands don’t have the strength to melt them in all the intricate places they hide, the Block Paddle and this process will give you the ability to release, lift and repair what time has done in a very effective way.

Learn this fast, simple and easy approach to reaching the adhesions that show the signs of aging.

Fascia is fascinating as it is here to support your cells in proper alignment. However, through your lifetime, adhesions are created to offset the changes that occur when you use your body in unconscious ways, as we all.

As we are dominant on one side of the body, we wind down over time, in a forward, rotational direction. As the head will be responding to the entire body's alignment, it becomes riddled with false walls and false floors as the fascia develops adhesions in the attempt to secure cells in their natural resting place. This impacts blood flow to the skin, hair, eyes, brain and everything else in this area, and creates the signs of aging, both functionally and aesthetically.

As you already understand the concepts of fascia decompression, this next step on your journey will be a delight as you navigate your own landscape to address those hard-to-reach adhesions with a new approach and tool.

Who is this program for?

This program is for anyone with a minimum of the Starter Package. This is an advanced way to decompress your fascia and it is required that you understand the principles of Fascia Decompression. As this gets deeper into the crevices of the face, it is important to follow the breath rule and understand good pain as is taught in Block Therapy.

It is also important that you do Block Therapy as a full body practice. The alignment of the entire body affects the head, neck and face, so to only focus on this area won’t give full benefits or lasting results. This program is an addition to your current practice and will take your work in this area to the next level.

By implementing this program into your fascia routine, you may experience benefits such as:

  • A natural facelift
  • Cleaner and healthier, more radiant skin
  • Decrease in lines around mouth and eyes
  • Better symmetry for the nose to improve nose breathing
  • Healthier and fuller hair
  • More aligned jaw
  • Healthier teeth and gums
  • Improvement to your vision
  • Benefits to your thyroid

This Program Includes

  • The Block Paddle 
  • 9 class video demonstration that you keep lifelong focusing on the upper chest, neck, face and scalp
  • Exclusive Community Support Group 

At this time we are not accepting orders for this program. Join our newsletter to stay up to date when this program becomes available.

As this is a new tool, there is a limited supply available for this first offering so until we can populate the shipment facilities, we can only supply our clients in North America. 

We are working to get this set up for our global community as soon as possible.

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