Valerie Loridans

Block Therapy University Success Story

"Block Therapy has changed me personally and professionally. I have actually left a career in nursing to become full-time in bringing Block Therapy to other people because I believe so firmly that it is filling a gap in our healthcare."

~ Valerie Loridans

Block Therapy Instructor

"Hi my name is Valerie Loridans and I am a registered nurse and I have been nursing for close to 40 years. I am also a yoga teacher. Now I’m a certified Block Instructor and a Certified Block Therapist. 

The reason why I wanted to join Block Therapy University is that I had been looking for a career change within the healthcare field and within the modality of fascia. I had learned about fascia, I had explored some other fascia modalities and I was looking to work in the fascia system because I had come to realize after many years of working with patients how poorly pain is addressed in the medical community and there are not a lot of answers there. It appeared to me that fascia was the missing link to these chronic pains that people were experiencing. I found that the work Deanna does is just complete in its ability to change the system and to bring health and healing to the body in the realm of fascia and how the body functions overall.

The biggest frustration in my career has been the results I see in people who have pain and chronic illness is that it's not addressed on the level of the whole body and they don’t see whole results. I’ve found that with Block Therapy we are addressing the whole body. Not just the fascia but the breath work, the movement of the toxins to be released from the body. It has just a supportive role in healing the system. It can be used with medical care as well as a support so it is not eliminating people’s doctors and what people feel like they need to do. It’s a complete support system in your overall health and healing. And I didn’t find that out there in the medical community.

I was introduce to Block Therapy through a friend. She and I had been involved in a fascia training that turned out to be pretty incomplete in what it promised to deliver and what it attempted to deliver and actually it kind of fell apart because it was not well thought out. So yea, I hesitated because I had just spent a good amount of money looking for a solution within the fascia system. But my friend introduced me so I started investigating and it was just so complete. You could tell the difference with someone who has spent their lifetime honing their skill and putting their heart and soul into it. So at that point I was like yea, I’m doing it. And I’m so glad I did!

Block Therapy has given me such confidence in going out and starting a new career from scratch. That is huge. I feel so supported by Deanna and the community. As I’m new to bringing this out, I still feel like I have a lot of help from the community. And this tool sells itself. Once people engage with this and hear the teachings it is an “Aha” moment that really lights them up. It’s just wonderful. I am super excited to bring it out to more people but every time I do, it’s huge. 

I have such joy when I introduce somebody to Block Therapy. I can barely contain my excitement when I explain it to them. You can just tell, my whole demeanour changes. Just when I give them this Block and have them first go into the belly position and they breathe. They come off the Block and they’re feeling so relaxed. Then I get them onto the ribs and they come off and they say I’m sold. I remember one lady said “oh my god my sinuses opened!” It is my biggest joy just seeing the immediate change that people experience when using the Block.

Block Therapy has changed me personally and professionally. I have actually left a career in nursing to become full-time in bringing Block Therapy to other people because I believe so firmly that it is filling a gap in our healthcare. Being a nurse for so long I understand the important of good health. As far as personally, my introduction into the fascia world was through my own chronic pain. I kept searching for an answer because there wasn’t any in modern medicine. So I kept looking and then when I found that the fascia system played such a huge role, then I started looking for ways to work with the fascia. I did many and the Block is actually the best thing that I’ve found. I’m glad that I did several methods before so that I had a comparison. Once you do Block Therapy, it actually holds. It’s one of those things that you do have to do on a continuous basis but the results don’t just immediately leave. You can maintain the effects for longer. If you do it on a daily basis you are going to see profound changes. I have in my posture and the way I feel and the way I move and I’m removing pain from my body. 

One of the most important things I have learned from Block Therapy University is that I can change my body. And I can help others change their body. We don’t have to age in such a negative way. Aging is not necessarily the end of vitality. I learned that through practicing and listening to Deanna and learning from Deanna that we can change our bodies, we can stay youthful, and we can stay young and energetic for our lifetime. And that’s due to the fascia. Care for your fascia and your fascia will care for you.

I would like to share with people that are considering Block Therapy University and what it takes to be certified - I joined it right away because I wanted the information. It was such a great modality. The thought of having to make videos to send to be evaluated was one of those things that I didn’t know if I wanted to do. And I procrastinated. Until I did it. And once I did it it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be as most things. So if you’re procrastinating just do it and you will have success.

If you’re on the fence about joining Block Therapy - don’t hesitate. You will be so impressed with the quality of the education, the support, the love of the community, the actual work itself. Not only can you work on other people but you can work on yourself. That was a big thing because a lot of the other fascia techniques are really you doing something to someone else. This is self-care. It’s allowing you to care for yourself at the same time. It’s a win-win. I can’t recommend it enough."

~ Valerie Loridans

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