90 Day Challenge


90 Day Challenge

Commitment | Perseverance | Transformation

New Challenge Start Date: October 14

"Block Therapy has done more for me in 90 days for both my hip, elbows and arms than physiotherapy did for a year. Blocking made a significant impact on my pain, appearance, and life. At my age (58), health and mobility are key. If I want to keep an active lifestyle as I age, I need to keep blocking.

This is more effective than a gym membership. I’d rather spend the money on blocking, and have the flexibility to do it anywhere. It’s easy to squeeze in 30 minutes with no travel time!

It’s also very calming and meditative. I thought that I would meditate every day once I retired. It didn’t happen. Now, with the deep breathing while blocking, I’m getting the benefits of meditating.

You have absolutely nothing to lose. The block and the starter program are yours forever. Let’s face it, we’ve all spent $100 in way worse ways!"

~ Connie Kehler

This program consists of:

  • Single and double blocking (both the Block Buddy and Block Baby are required to fully access all the classes)
  • Alignment training
  • Fluid Isometrics (working with your hands on your body)
  • Education on cause sites and pain sites
  • Specifically directed protocol so to make the most efficient use of our time.
  • Weekly intention videos to compliment your Block Therapy practice with a recorded Q&A
  • Interactive weekly group Zoom calls with Deanna
  • Private group and access to Deanna for those enrolled in the challenge

Block Therapy is THE BEST GIFT you could give your body. It will not only help you release fascia but it will release tight muscles, improve sinus congestion, release trapped emotions, release tension and improve your sleep.

Before Block Therapy I stopped working out at the gym because it hurt to do my workouts. I felt pain in my knees when I went from sitting to standing. I had to sit down to put my pants on. It even hurt to stretch. Now I have greatly improved my flexibility. I am no longer stiff and sore when I wake up in the morning. I am able to move freely and easily and feel like I am walking in a new lighter body. My clothes fit much better!

It is easy to incorporate Block Therapy into your daily activities. You can carve out 30 minutes for yourself or you can do it while lying in bed, sitting at your computer, or on the couch while watching tv. Soon your body will be craving more time spent with your Block Buddy and Baby. I highly recommend it!

~ Katie Opitz

3 Prizes to be won!

1st Prize: 1 year in the Block Therapy Membership ($397 value)

2nd Prize: 6 months in the Block Therapy Membership ($216 value)

3rd Prize: 3 months in the Block Therapy Membership ($117 value)

The Block Therapy team will determine the winner based on the greatest overall changes.

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