Block Therapy for Scoliosis – 1 Month Package


Block Therapy for Scoliosis includes:

  • Block Buddy & Block Baby
  • Scoliosis Introductory Series (lifelong access)
  • Block Therapy Starter Program BONUS (lifelong access)
  • Direct Access to a Block Therapist for 1 month
  • Custom 1 month program designed by your Therapist (downloadable)
  • 1 month access to the Block Therapy Membership

If you already have Blocks, all you need is an Assessment and a 1 Month Membership to get started!

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Scoliosis is becoming more common in the world. The way our lives have adapted to technologies and conveniences has created the perfect storm to build a weak and imbalanced foundation, resulting in collapse. This is especially seen in the youth as they have been given this situation from birth, whereas the older generation didn’t grow up spending all day slumped at a desk or hanging their head held forward and collapsed while on the phone. No matter your age and degree of curvature, knowing the cause sites and how to release them, and then build a new foundation is the key to transformation.

This may sound like an impossible challenge, but we make it simple to follow with our step-by-step process. In order to create efficiency with this seemingly monumental task, you need to know how to first engage the body with the proper diaphragmatic breath, and then open the channels for flow to the limbs to ensure blood and oxygen can reach the cells throughout the entire body. 

The success of your changes comes with working with a Block Therapist. The key to efficiently balancing the body is to know the order of importance of where to spend the time. Combining blocking with alignment training, you will be given a specific program based on your needs. Depending on the level of time and engagement you choose, you will have continual access to the therapist to reach out as questions and concerns arise, with a weekly call to review any challenges or difficulties, and to receive accommodations or adjustments to your program as needed. 

This is invaluable as you unlock the alignment that is torquing and twisting your body. As your current alignment is a culmination of all that you have experienced in your body, when you begin to undo this pattern, the deeper twists and tensions surface. To be able to adjust your direction based on the moment to moment changes that take place, provide the most efficient opportunity for you to regain balance within.

So, first steps are to decide what level of interaction from the therapist you want/need. This will be a free 15-minute consultation with me so we can set you on the best path moving forward.

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